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Streeeetch Your Mind!

Unscramble the following expressions and choose the correct subject of each pearl of wisdom. The answer key will be provided in the upcoming issue.


1. Sanbeec skema het threa wrog dofren.

a) Love
b) Money
с) Time
d) Greed

2. Oitruiscy delilk eht act.

a) Voyages
b) Adventure
c) Inquisitiveness
d) Family

3. Drisb fo a refthea kcofl eergtoth.

a) Sadness
b) Similarity
c) Joy
d) Hard work

4. Wot growns od ton keam a trigh.

a) Forgiveness
b) Success
c) Surprise
d) Mistakes

5. Ton’d ryc erov dilespl limk.

a) Regret
b) Wealth
c) Dreams
d) Love

6. Lal hatt sterglit si ont dogl.

a) Passion
b) Appearance
c) Patience
d) Curiosity

7. Yarle ot deb leary ot sire kesam a nam ethalyh altweyh dan seiw.

a) Fame
b) Anger
c) Success
d) Generosity

8. Ticanos kapes drolue hant drows.

a) Demonstration
b) Fear
c) Innocence
d) Trouble

9. Na pelpa erven slafl raf mrof het rete.

a) Time passing
b) Letting go
c) Saving face
d) Family influence

10. Ont’d tocun uory necksich refeob yeth chath.

a) Religion
b) Expectation
c) Courage
d) Sleep


1. What percentage of the Internet is in the English language?

a) 34%
b) 55%
c) 86%
d) 98%

2. Which of the following languages does NOT derive from the same family as the others listed?

a) English
b) Latin e) Sanskrit
c) Japanese
d) Greek

3. What is etymology?

a) The history of a word
b) The various ways in which a word can be pronounced
c) The study of unwritten languages
d) The study of dead languages

4. A regional variety of a language that has variations in pronunciation, vocabulary or meaning is called:

a) Accent
b) Slang
c) Dialec
d) Narrative

5. Approximately how many languages are spoken in the world?

a) 500
b) 2,700
c) 4,300
d) 7,500

6. Approximately how many dialects are spoken in the world?

a) 2,000
b) 7,000
c) 9,000
d) 24,000

7. There is only one country in Africa in which the entire nation speaks the same language. Which is it?

a) Ethiopia
b) Somalia
c) South Africa
d) Kenya

8. Which is the most widely spoken language in the world?

a) English
b) Hindi
c) Spanish
d) Chinese, Mandarin

9. Which is the second most widely spoken language in the world?

a) English
b) Hindi
c) Spanish
d) Chinese, Mandarin

10. What are the official languages of Israel?

a) Hebrew and Arabic
b) Hebrew and Yiddish
c) Hebrew and English
d) Arabic and English

Key to No. 10


Literary Challenge

1. c; 2. d; 3. a; 4. b; 5. b; 6. d; 7. b; 8. c; 9. b; 10. a