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Fifteen Things You'll Never Hear a Teacher Say

1. “Our principal is soooooooooo smart. No wonder he’s in administration!”

2. “Thank goodness for these evaluations. They keep me focused.”

3. “I’d like to see Red Lobster offer a meal like this!”

4. “I can’t BELIEVE I get paid for this!!!!”

5. “Here class, just put all your gym shoes in this box next to my desk.”

6. “I bet all the people in our administration really miss teaching!!”

7. “Gosh, the bathroom smells so fresh and clean!”

8. “It must be true; the superintendent said so!”

9. “I think the discipline around here is just a LITTLE too strict!!”

10. “It’s Friday already???????”

11. I believe schools would run better if only a few more ex-coaches would go into administration.

12. This in-service training has just been fabulous.

13. I believe that athletics are not getting enough money.

14. We’d be able educate our children if they would let us teach through June, too.

15. Have you noticed that teachers drive better cars than the students?

From www.adprima.com