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In Search of the... Giraffe

One day my sister and I went to the Zoo. It was a nice sunny day and we were enjoying our time in this way. We were walking around the Zoo but suddenly we saw a hole in the fence of a cage. Whose cage would this be? And I was really surprised when I found out that it was the cage of a giraffe! Can you imagine? I couldn’t… But the director of the Zoo said: “Those who can find the giraffe will be given a kilogram of ice cream.” For children it would be the best price. So we decided to go on search of the giraffe. We were running across the streets, asking people if they saw a brown giraffe with yellow spots. We also went to the underground stations, but we couldn’t find this giraffe. We were in despair; we didn’t know what to do.

So we began to think logically where this stupid giraffe could go. We went over the town but all we could find was just a toy giraffe. We were broken down with fatigue and were so hungry that we decided that we didn’t need this ice cream any more. We returned to the Zoo and came close to the giraffe’s cage. Can you imagine what happened at the last moment? I saw the giraffe sleeping in his cage!!! I was very angry!! Was it just a joke??

I called the director of the Zoo and said that all that time we were running after the giraffe he was sleeping in his cage!!! When the director saw the giraffe sleeping in his bed he was very pleased. He apologized and gave us a kilogram of ice cream. We were happy and tired. But to conclude the story I can just say that it isn’t easy to run all over the city in search of…..A GIRAFFE!!!

By Polina Minenko ,
Form 9, School 1208, Moscow