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Once upon a time there lived a kind-hearted little girl named Andy. She was so funny and generous, that everyone loved her. Her eyes shone like the light of the sun, that’s why she was always pleased with everybody surrounding her, as she had never experienced any troubles before. But one day her fairy-tale broke to pieces, and happiness disappeared as if it hadn`t existed at all.

Days passed, time passed, and the girl couldn’t recognize the world around her any more. People became mean to each other, nobody cared about the opinion of a poor invisible child.

Every day after school, Andy felt like crying. She was a bit offended that Fortune didn’t send her anyone to comfort the strange misery of her lonely heart. She seemed to be the only one to remember the bright days in the sun, her sweet childhood and people who knew nothing about sadness or even betrayal.

One dark night when Andy was sobbing under her pillow, she felt tired for the first time in her life. Soon her eyelids became too heavy to keep her eyes open and in the long run she fell asleep.

This was the most unusual dream she had ever seen. All she knew was that she was falling down through a deep colourful hole. Its walls kept on changing colours each time she blinked. As she got bored of the same picture, Andy found herself floating in the air, some distance from the ground. The ground’s surface was showing her a cartoon. First of all Andy didn’t pay much attention to it, because she didn’t feel like watching anything silly. But then after a minute’s gazing at the screen she realized that the magical thing was reflecting her own face in previous days.

She saw the reality of the past, and suddenly Andy burst out crying. Tears sparkled on her cheeks, which were too skinny and wet.

And at the same time she felt cheer imagining that she still belonged to the time which had passed so long before.

Just when Andy started enjoying her imaginative trip, the familiar images disappeared. The girl woke up willing to continue dreaming but that wasn’t so easy.

Anyway from that particular day, Andy had the greatest wish of all – to return to that memory place. She tried hard – always succeeding. She was traveling through the past deeper each time she started dreaming. And soon it became regular. Andy didn’t want to live in the real world any more, the place full of crime and disasters, instead she preferred her happy personal one. She acted the way she hoped to change sides between the two worlds, between two important episodes of her life.

In the long run, the girl realized what a great choice she had to make. Of course she would prefer to live among dreams, where there’s no evil and nothing’s wrong. Her soul belonged to that special place, but she couldn’t forget the real one, where she physically existed. Andy couldn’t rip herself into two parts, when suddenly the idea struck her. There was no point of living in her self-made imagination, but to struggle for the world she had, the one full of something very simple and understandable, the human values that cost more than any gold or money.

So she knew for sure, if she tried once again to rebuild the world where all wishes come true, where health is everything, where nature prospers with all its beauty, she would manage to do as much as possible to create or perhaps reflect just a small piece of her own unique wonderland.

Alexandra Danilova ,
Form 9, School 1208, Moscow