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Cinderella: Oh!! It’s 5 o’clock. My sisters are going to the king’s ball tonight. How happy they are.

There will be music at the ball. I love music so much. The weather is miserable. I’m so tired.

I want to go on holiday once in my life. Unfortunately, it’s only a dream.

(Sings a song “I Want to Go on Holiday”.)

I love to sing and dance.

But I can’t go to the king’s ball.

Stepmother: Quick, Cinderella! It’s 5 o’clock. You lazy girl. It’s time to dress for the ball.

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping,

Cinderella, awful girl.

We are getting ready,

We are getting ready,

Where are you, Where are you?

1st Sister: Cinderella. Bring me my red dress.

2nd Sister: Cinderella. Bring me my blue dress.

Cinderella: Here are your dresses.

1st Sister: Where are my shoes?

2nd Sister: Bring me my stockings.

Stepmother: Where my gloves? You bad girl!

Cinderella: Here are your shoes and stockings and your gloves, Mother.

Will you have some coffee, please,

With the butter and the cheese,

With the sausage and the bun,

Have your dinner, dear mom.

And you, sisters, of course.

Stepmother: What!! We should keep fit. Practice a healthy lifestyle. Do you know anything about it?

1st Sister: How pretty I am in my new dress.

2nd Sister: The prince will dance with me, I’m sure.

We sewed on Monday,

We knitted on Tuesday,

We ran on Wednesday,

We jumped on Thursday,

We swam on Friday,

We didn’t eat on Saturday,

And we’ll dance today, on Sunday.

Stepmother: What! Betty! I see you are eating chocolate! Don’t say you try to keep fit.

1st Sister: A song “I Like Chocolate”.

I drink milk, I eat cheese,
I like nuts and I like greens,
I like cereals, I like beans,
These are things my body needs.

But late at night,
Under my bedclothes,
I eat chocolate,
And no-one knows.

I eat vegetables, I drink juice,
I like rice, I like fruit,
I like pasta every way,
I eat good things every day.

Repeat chorus

I like honey on my bread,
I like salad and I like eggs,
I drink water all day long,
All these things make me strong.

Repeat chorus

Cinderella: Dear mother, dear sisters, please take me with you. I won’t go inside. I’ll just look in through the window.

2nd Sister: What! You – near the king’s palace! It’s horrible! Cinderella is like a pig.

Not very little, not very big

Not very pink, not very green,

Not very dirty, not very clean.

1st Sister: Work, my dear.

1, 2, 3, 4,

Cinderella, wash the floor.

5, 6, 7, 8,

Cinderella, wash the plates.

9, 10, 11, 12,

Keep in order all the shelves!

Stepmother: Come, girls. We are late.

Stepmother and her daughters leave.

Cinderella is crying. Fairy enters.

Fairy: Why are you crying, my dear?

Cinderella: My stepmother and her daughters are at the king’s ball tonight.

They are going to dance with the prince tonight.

Fairy: And why are you not there?

Cinderella: Oh, I’m not a lady. I’m only a poor girl. How can I go to the king’s ball tonight? In this old dirty dress? I have to sit here all alone and work.

Fairy: Now, look here, Cinderella. I can help you. Do you want to go to the king’s ball?

Cinderella: Oh yes, my dear fairy. It’s wonderful! It’s brilliant!

Fairy: Here is a beautiful white dress and here are glass slippers for you. Go and dress, Cinderella. The carriage is at the door. But mind, when the clock strikes 12 you must leave the king’s ball. Be careful! The weather is terrible. It’s pouring. Be careful, my darling.

Cinderella: A song “Singing in the Rain”.

I’m singing in the rain,
Just singing in the rain,
What a glorious feeling,
I’m happy again,
I’m laughing at clouds,
So dark up above,
The sun’s in my heart
And I’m ready for love.

Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place,
Come on with the rain
I’ve a smile on my face,
I walk down the lane,
With a happy refrain,
Just singing, just singing
In the rain.
I’m singing and dancing in the rain,
I’m dancing and singing in the rain.


King: My son!! Why aren’t you ready?

The ball has begun. A lot of pretty girls are waiting for you.

Prince: I don’t want to go there as I’m writing a poem.

King: What! One more? It’s really interesting. Read it to me, please.

Prince: The storm came up so very quick,

It couldn’t have been quicker.

I should have brought my hat along

I should have brought my slicker.

My hair is wet, my feet are wet.

I couldn’t be much wetter.

I fell into a river once

But this is even better.

King: How pessimistic!! You should find the girl for your life. When I was young I…

Queen: You found me. Let’s go. Come on.

Leader: Ladies and Gentlemen! Let’s begin our 1st ball in this season.

When the weather is wet – we must not fret.

When the weather is dry – we must not cry.

When the weather is cold – we must not scold.

But be thankful together whatever the weather.

Musicians, let’s dance.

A dance.

Queen: Why aren’t you dancing, my son? There are so many beautiful ladies here!

Prince: I don’t like them, mom. What a beautiful lady! She is like the morning sun. She is like a wonderful rose. Who is she?

Friend: I don’t know her, prince.

Friends: We don’t know her.

Prince: I’d like to dance with her. Beautiful lady, may I ask you to dance with me?

Cinderella: With great pleasure.

Prince: Beautiful lady, tell me your name.

Cinderella: I can’t tell you my name.

Oh, it’s 12 o’clock. I’m sorry but I must go. Good bye, prince.

Prince: Oh, don’t go away. Come back! Come back!

The house.

Cinderella: Please, tell me about the ball, sisters. You were the most beautiful ladies there, sisters, I’m sure.

1st Sister: A princess came to the ball and…

Cinderella: Was she beautiful?

2nd Sister: I don’t like her. But the prince danced with her all the time.

Cinderella: Who is she? What’s her name?

1st Sister: Nobody knows her.

2nd Sister: At 12 o’clock she ran away and lost her slipper.

Knock on the door.

Stepmother: Who can it be? It’s too late.

1st Herald: We are looking for the lady who has lost her little glass slipper.

2nd Herald: All the young ladies in this country must try it on.

1st Herald: Please, try it on, Madam.

1st Sister: I can’t put it on. It’s very small.

2nd Herald: Now madam, will you try on?

2nd Sister: I can’t put it on. It’s very small.

1st Herald: You must try it on too, girl.

Stepmother: Oh, but she didn’t go to the ball!

2nd Herald: The king said, all the girls in the country must try on this slipper.

Cinderella puts it on.

1st Herald: The prince begs you to marry him, beautiful lady.

Stepmother: What! To marry the prince?

Cinderella: I can’t go to the king’s palace in this dress. Will you wait a little?

1st Sister: Our Cinderella, this dirty girl, she is going to live in the beautiful palace.

2nd Sister: You’ve always said, Mother, that Cinderella is ugly and silly and we are pretty and smart.

Stepmother: Hush, dears. I’ve always said that Cinderella is a good, kind girl. She will not forget her loving mother.

1st and 2nd Sisters: Don’t forget your sisters, Cinderella. We have always loved you.

Cinderella: Farewell forever, dear mother and sisters. I hope I’ll be happy and won’t see you anymore.

Prince: My darling. I have been waiting for you for all my life.

Cinderella: Where are we going?

Prince: We are going to Santa Barbara for our honeymoon. Are you happy?

Cinderella: Of course. My dreams have become true.

Togehter: A song “There is a Country”.

There is a country,
A beautiful country,
Where I want to go.
Yes, there is a country,
A beautiful country,
Where I want to go.

Where we can go.
Oh I want to go there today,
Yes, I want to go there today,
It’s got flowers and bees
And birds in the trees.
Oh I want to go there today.

There is a country,
A beautiful country,
Where I we can go.
Yes, there is a country,
A beautiful country,

Oh we can go there today,
Yes, we can go there today,
It’s got beaches and seas
So take me there please.
Oh take me there today.

Используемые материалы:

Cambridge English for Schools in Russia Starter;

Cambridge English for Schools in Russia Level 1;

“The 1st September” School theatre

Compiled by Olesya Kobzeva ,
Lyceum No. 6, Tambov