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Jazz Up Your Lesson

Difficult tense? – Easy practice!

These games are aimed at training students’ skills in using Present Perfect tense in communication. Usually, this tense presents certain difficulties due to the absence of analogy in the Russian language tense system. The following activities enable students use this tense in real life situations and hopefully make them feel the very essence of this tense, especially compared to Past Simple.


Prepare 2 sets of cards:


1. Say what you did on last New Year holiday?

2. Say what movie you haven’t seen yet.

3. Say how many cups\glasses of tea\coffee\juice you have drunk today.

4. Say what book you have recently read.

5. Name 3 things you have done today.


1. Say what you did yesterday.

2. Say what book you haven’t read yet.

3. Say how many friends you have met today.

4. Say what interesting film you have recently watched.

5. Name 3 things you haven’t done yet but you would love to try.

Divide the students in 2 groups and let every group take one set of cards. Make sure that each student has a card. Then put As and Bs into pairs and let them interview each other.

Feedback. After the students have talked, let them share a couple of facts that surprised them most in their partner.


Here are the cards with key-phrases on them and 2 spare columns. Make sure every student has one card. Let the students write questions in Present Perfect opposite the key-phrase in the second column (monitor them while writing or ask them to read the ready-made questions aloud and other students correct them if necessary).

After all the questions are written ask the students to go round and ask their classmates the questions on their lists. Let them put their classmates’ answers in the third column. Encourage students to ask one question until they find someone who can actually answer “yes” (or you make sure that nobody in class at all has ever done this) and let them ask additional questions in Past Simple to learn the details.

Feedback. Everyone may share a couple of most interesting facts they have just learnt about their classmates.

Eat crocodile meat  
Lose something very dear  
Speak to an American  
Go to Africa  
See the film “Titanic”  

Eat 12 bananas at once  
Lose a friend  
Speak to a 100-year-old person  
Go to America  
See a football match in a stadium  

Eat a kilo of ice-cream at once  
Lose something you borrowed  
Speak to an African-American  
Go to Antarctica  
See a movie star in real life  

Eat a mango  
Lose a mobile phone  
Speak to a police officer  
Go to England  
See a famous person in real life  

Eat octopus (осьминог)  
Lose a key from home  
Speak to the school principal  
Go to Canada  
See a flood (наводнение)  

Eat fast food  
Lose a wallet  
Speak to a famous person  
Go to France  
See a fire (пожар)  

Eat raw fish (сырая)  
Lose money  
Speak to a famous singer  
Go to Scotland  
See Lake Baikal  

Eat snails (улитки)  
Lose your temper  
Speak to a journalist  
Go to Washington D.C.  
See a volcano erupt (извержение)  

Eat snakes (змеи)  
Lose important documents  
Speak to yourself  
Go to Italy  
See wild animals in nature  

Eat shrimps (креветки)  
Lose your passport  
Speak to an Englishman  
Go to Spain  
See a waterfall  


This is a deduction game where teams of students race against each other to find an answer in response to a prompt.

Divide the students into roughly equal teams (3-4 teams of 3-4 players each). Give each student a card and ask them to fold their cards so that only the exclamation in bold type could be seen (not the sentence in italics with present perfect)

The aim of the game is to win as many cards as possible by guessing the correct sentence with present perfect shown by another team. Nominate one team to start and ask one player in the team to hold up his\her exclamatory sentence and tell it to the class. Let the others guess: they may call out what they think has happened. The card is given to a team whose player has guessed the correct answer and given a correct sentence.


I’m full!

I’ve just had dinner.

That’s strange – nobody’s at home!

I’ve just rung the doorbell.

I look terrible here!

I’ve just looked at a photo.

It’s ok. I’ll answer it!

I’ve just heard the phone that rang.

And you are?

I’ve just introduced myself.

Wrong number, sorry!

I’ve just answered the phone.

Fasten your belt!

I’ve just got in a car.


I’ve just tasted some awful food.

Like my tan?

I’ve just come back from holidays.

Which floor?

I’ve just got on a lift.

It fits!

I’ve just tried some clothes on.

My feet are wet!

I’ve just been in the rain.

Which channel?

I’ve just turned on the TV.

I need a plaster!

I’ve just cut myself.

Compiled by Alyona Pavlova ,
Moscow State University for Printing Arts