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The Wolf and Seven Kids



Seven kids


Занавес открывается. На сцене декорация домика в лесу. Звучит веселая музыка.

In the little house in the wood there lived a goat with her kids. One day mother-goat went to get presents and told the children to keep the door closed for the wolf.

На сцену выходит мать-коза под музыку.

Mother-goat: My kids, today I’m going to the market to buy presents for you. Don’t open the door! Because the wolf can come.

Goats (together): We will not open the door to the wolf.

Mother-goat: That’s good my dear kids.

Мать-коза уходит со сцены.

Little kid: It’s boring since mother went out.

Козленок плачет.

Kid: Don’t cry! Let’s play my dear brother.

Kids (together): Let’s play.

Козлята поют вместе песню. На сцену выходит волк.

Wolf: I walk and walk and walk. I can’t find any dinner. It’s so bad for a wolf. I will never find something to eat.

Волк, увидев маленький домик, смотрит удивленно.

Wolf: Here is the house where little goats live. I will knock at the door.

Волк стучит в дверь.

Wolf: My kids! It’s me your mother. I brought you presents, please, open the door.

Волк стучит в дверь и уходит.

Kid: Who is it? It’s the wolf there.

Kids (together): It’s not our mother.

Козлята сидят на коленях и дрожат.

Kid: You are the wolf so we will not open the door.

Козленок плачет.

Kid: Where is our mother?

Eldest kid: Don’t cry my brothers’. Don’t be afraid. We will not open the door to the wolf.

Kid: Don’t be afraid my brothers! The wolf has left.

Стук в дверь.

Kid: Who is knocking at the door? It’s the wolf now.

Под музыку коза с подарками входит на сцену.

Mother-goat: It’s me your mother, please open the door!

Kids (together): It’s our mother. It’s our mother.

Коза под музыку “Динь-Дон” поет песню.

I’m your mother (2 times)
Please open the door!
I’m your mother (2 times)
Here is my home.

I came, I came to your place
Brought presents for you.
Here is my home. It’s my home.
I’m your mother (2 times)
Please open the door.

Kid: My mother, the wolf came to our house. We didn’t open the door for him.

Mother-goat: It’s OK. You are good kids. I brought you presents. My kids let’s sing the song.

Козлята и мать-коза поют вместе песенку. После этого уходят со сцены под музыку.

By Elena Erokhina ,
School No. 156, Moscow