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Into The World of Fantasy

Сценарий мероприятия для младших школьников

Narrator: Hello, children! Glad to see you, the characters from fairy tales. Hello, Wolf, Cock, Mouse, Cinderella, etc. Hello, everybody! (обращаясь к Красной Шапочке) Come up, Little Girl. Tell us, please, who are you? What fairy tale are you from?

Little Girl: I’m Little Red Riding Hood. This is my basket. I have a pie for my Granny here.

Narrator: Children, tell me, please, who met Little Red Riding Hood in the wood?

Children: Wolf, wolf!

Narrator: Are you here, Grey Wolf! Come here, my dear friend!

Wolf: Hello! I’m Grey, Angry, Hungry Wolf.

Children: Good morning, Mr. Wolf.

Narrator: I can see Mr. Dog here. Come here, my dear friend!

Dog: I’m from a fairy tale “Turnip”. My friends are: a cat, a grandpa, a grandma and a granddaughter and a… (будто забыв).

Narrator: Who can help Mr. Dog?

Children: A mouse!

Dog: Yes, and a little mouse.

Narrator: Look at the pictures, children. What tale is it?

Дети смотрят на рисунки и отгадывают названия сказок. Победитель получает приз.

Narrator: Thank you. Now we’ll watch a play. Our children have prepared short plays about animals. One of them is “The Three Bears”.








Three Bears are sitting at the table, drinking milk.

Mother-Bear: Take your cup, Father!

Father-Bear: Thank you!

Mother-Bear: Take your little cup, Baby.

Baby-Bear: Thank you, Mummy, dear… Mother, it is too hot!

Father-Bear: Then let us go for a walk.

The three Bears go out of the room.


Goldilocks comes in and looks round.

Goldilocks: Whose room can it be? (Looking at the table.) I am hungry. (Sits down at the table and tastes the milk.) Oh, this milk is too hot for me!... Oh, this milk is too cold for me!... This milk is just right for me.

The noise of the three Bears’ steps is heard. Goldilocks hides under the table.


The three Bears enter the room and take their places at the table.

Father-Bear: My cup is not full!

Mother-Bear: My cup is not full either.

Baby-Bear: And my cup is empty. (They look round.) Oh, and who is this? A little girl!

Father-Bear, Mother-Bear and Baby-Bear: Let us eat her up!

Goldilocks: No, you don’t! (Runs away.)

The Bears try to catch her, but stumble and fall down.

Mother-Bear: It is your fault, Father! You fell and I fell, too!

Baby-Bear: And I fell because you fell.

All together, shaking their heads: “And Goldilocks has run away. Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Narrator: Can you name the colours from fairy tales?

What colour is Little Red Riding Hood’s hood?

What colour is Big Wolf?

What colour are the Three Little Pigs? Etc.

I see, you know different colours.

Дети называют цвета и получают призы.

Narrator: Thank you. Now we’ll watch a play. It’s also about animals. It’s title is “A House in the Wood”.



The Frog

The Mouse

The Cock

The Fox


A house in the wood. The Mouse comes up to the house.

Mouse: Who lives in this house? (No answer.) Then I shall live here. (Enters the house.)

Frog: (coming to the house) Who lives in this house?

Mouse: (appearing in the window) I do. I am a mouse and I live in this house.

Frog: And I am a frog. May I live in your house?

Mouse: Yes, you may. Come in, please!

The Frog enters the house. The Cock appears.

Cock: Who lives in this house?

Mouse and Frog: We do.

Frog: I am a frog.

Mouse: And I am a mouse.

Mouse and Frog: And who are you?

Cock: I am a cock. May I live with you?

Mouse and Frog: Yes, you may. Come in, please!

Frog: I am a frog, frog, frog!

Cock: I am a cock, cock, cock!

Mouse: I am a mouse, mouse, mouse!

Mouse and Frog: We live in this house, house, house!

The Fox appears.

Fox: Who lives in this house?

Mouse, Cock and Frog: We do.

– A mouse,

– a cock

– and a frog.

Mouse, Cock and Frog: And who are you?

Fox: I am a fox. May I live with you?

Mouse, Cock and Frog: Oh, you bad fox, go away!

The Fox runs away. The Mouse, the Frog and the Cock pursue him.

Narrator: If you guess the right word, you’ll get a prize.

1. Little Red Riding Hood took a basket. She wanted to see her… (Granny)

2. “Who was sitting in my chair?” said… (Baby Bear)

3. She worked from morning till night. Who is this Girl? (Cinderella)

Учащиеся отгадывают слова и хором произносят их.

Narrator: Thank you. Now let us watch the third play. It’s also about animals. It’s title is “Three Little Pigs”.






Big Bad Wolf



Three Little Pigs are sitting under an oak-tree.

Naff-Naff: (standing up and coming forward) Hello, boys and girls! I am Naff-Naff.

Nuff-Nuff: I am Nuff-Nuff.

Niff-Niff: And I am Niff-Niff.

Together: We are three merry little pigs. (Dancing round the tree and singing.)

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,

the Big Bad Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf?

Naff-Naff: Now, stop dancing and listen to me.

Nuff-Nuff and Niff-Niff stop dancing and singing.

Naff-Naff: Winter is coming. In winter the Big Bad Wolf is very hungry. We must make a house and live there together.

Niff-Niff: Oh, no! Winter is not coming. We have time to play and sing!

Naff-Naff: As you like. I shall go and make a house. (Goes away.)

Nuff-Nuff: I shall go and make a house, too. (Goes away.)

Niff-Niff: Then I shall go and make a house, too. (Goes away.)

Author: (coming forward) Niff-Niff is making a house of straw. Nuff-Nuff is making a house of sticks.

Naff-Naff is making a house of bricks.

Niff-Niff: (comes dancing and singing)

I have made my house of straw,

House of grass, house of straw.

Nuff-Nuff: (comes dancing and singing)

I have made my house of sticks,

House of sticks, house of sticks.

Naff-Naff: (comes with a big hammer in his hand) My house is not ready yet. I must go and finish my house of bricks. Good-bye.

Niff-Niff and Nuff-Nuff: (dancing and singing)

We are not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,

the Big Bad Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf.

Wolf: (coming) I am hungry. Oh, I can see two nice little pigs. Ha! Ha!

The Wolf runs after them.

Author: But he cannot catch the little pigs. They run to their houses very quickly.


There is a straw house in the centre of the stage and a stick house in the left corner. Big Bad Wolf sees the little house made of straw and laughs. He blows and blows and he blows the house down. Niff-Niff runs to Nuff-Nuff’s house. Big Bad Wolf runs after him.

Wolf: I’ll catch you, silly little pig!

Niff-Niff: (to Nuff-Nuff) Your house is bad, too. Let’s run to Naff-Naff. His house is made of bricks.

Wolf: (running after them) Now I’ll catch you, little pigs.

The Pigs run away. The Wolf runs after them.


A large nice room in Naff-Naff’s house. A table in the middle of the room. There are three chairs round the table. Naff-Naff is sitting at the table and reading a book. Suddenly he hears a knock at the door. He stands up, goes to the door and opens it. His two little brothers run into the room.

Niff-Niff: Oh, brother, save us!

Nuff-Nuff: Big Bad Wolf wants to eat us up.

Naff-Naff goes to the door and locks it.

Naff-Naff: Don’t be afraid. My house is made of bricks.

A loud knock at the door. Niff-Niff and Nuff-Nuff hide under the table.

Wolf: Open the door or I shall blow your house down!

Author: Big Bad Wolf blows and blows. But he cannot blow the house down. So he goes away.

Three Little Pigs: We are not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,

the Big Bad Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf.

We are not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,

the Big Bad Wolf, no!

Narrator: One more task for you. Listen to the sentences from fairy tales. And clap your hands three times when you hear mistakes. (Предложения необходимо читать с паузами.)

1. Little Red Riding Hood met a black wolf in the forest. The wolf lived in a little room.

2. The three little pigs lost their mittens.

3. Cinderella didn’t want to dance with the Prince.

4. Naff-Naff, Nuff-Nuff, Niff-Niff were three little cats, who lived in a large town.

5. A grandmother, a grandfather, a granddaughter, a dog, a cat, a bear were pulling a turnip.

6. A mouse, a frog, a cock, a fox lived in a palace.

Слушая предложения из сказок, дети хлопают в ладоши, когда слышат ошибки, исправляют их.

Narrator: Thank you. Now let us watch the play “The Turnip”.



The Turnip




The Dog

The Cat

The Mouse


Grandfather sees a big Turnip.

Grandfather: Oh, what a big turnip we have in our kitchen-garden! I want to pull it out. (Pulls the turnip.) One, two, three!... It is too big for me. Granny, come here! Help me, please!

Grandmother and Grandfather: (pulling together) One, two, three! One, two, three! (No result.)

Grandmother: Granddaughter, help us, please!

Grandfather, Grandmother and Granddaughter: (pulling together) One, two, three!... One, two, three! (No result.)

Granddaughter: Dog, help us, please!

Grandfather, Grandmother, Granddaughter and Dog: (pulling together) One, two, three!... One, two, three! (No result.)

Dog: Cat, help us, please!

Grandfather, Grandmother, Granddaughter, Dog and Cat: (pulling together) One, two, three!... One, two, three! (No result.)

Cat: Mouse, come here! Help us, please!

Grandfather, Grandmother, Granddaughter, Dog, Cat and Mouse: (pulling together) One, two, three! (Fall down.)

Turnip: (standing up) Here I am!

All together: Oh!...

Детям показывают плакат, на котором в левой колонке написаны слова героев сказок, а в правой – названия сказок. Желающие поочередно соединяют линией соответствующие слова и названия сказок, зачитывая их вслух.

Перед выполнением этого задания ведущий может зачитать и повторить хором с детьми написанное в двух колонках, что облегчит восприятие и оживит работу. Будет еще лучше, если ведущий зачитает реплики из левой колонки, имитируя голоса сказочных героев и предлагая детям тоже попробовать сымитировать голоса.

Narrator: Match the words of the fairy tale characters with the title of a fairy tale. Let’s clap our hands if the children are right.

“Little Pig, Little Pig, let me come in”The Three Bears
“Take a basket and go to the Granny”Cinderella
“This porridge is too hot to eat”The Mitten
“I have run from my grandmother.

I have run from my grandfather…”
The Three Little Pigs
“I have 2 sisters and a stepmother”The Gingerbread Man
“Who lives in this house?”Little Red Riding Hood

Narrator: Thank you. Now let us watch the play “The Wolf and Three Little Kittens”.




White Kitten

Black Kitten

Gray Kitten

The Wolf


A room in the Cat’s house. The Cat and her three Kittens are sitting at the table. She is reading a book to them.

Cat: (rising) Children, I am going to buy something for supper. You must be good and sit still, or the wolf will hear you.

She puts on her hat and coat, takes a basket and goes away. And the three Kittens sit still and try to be very good.

Black Kitten: I shall read and sit very still.

Gray Kitten: I shall write and sit very still.

White Kitten: I shall look out of the window and sit very still.

The Wolf comes up to the door and looks through the keyhole.

Wolf: (to himself) Big Cat is not at home, I shall go into the house and eat up all her kittens. What a good dinner I shall have!

He knocks at the door.

Kittens: (all together) Who is knocking at the door?

Wolf: It’s me, your mother. Open the door.

White Kitten: Show me your paw through the window.

The Wolf raises his paw and shows it through the window.

White Kitten: This is not Mother’s paw. Mother’s paw is white, and your paw is black. I shall not open the door to you.

In a minute the Wolf comes to the door again and knocks.

Kittens: Who is knocking at the door?

Wolf: It’s me, your mother. Open the door.

Kittens: Show us your paw.

The Wolf shows them his paw through the window, it is wrapped in a white handkerchief and it is white this time.

Kittens: Your paw looks very white, but your voice is not sweet. You are not our mother.

Wolf: (to himself) What can I do to make my voice sweet? Oh, I know, I shall eat sugar and my voice will become sweet.

He takes out of his pocket some pieces of sugar, eats them up and knocks at the door again.

Kittens: (all together) Who is knocking at the door?

Wolf: (in a sweet voice) It’s me, your mother. Open the door.

Kittens: (gladly) That is Mother! That is Mother! Let’s open the door.

They open the door. The Wolf rushes in.

Wolf: Ha, ha! It’s not your mother. It’s me, the Wolf. I shall eat you up, you silly kittens!

The three little Kittens, screaming, run about the room to hide. Black Kitten hides behind a chair. White Kitten hides in the wardrobe. Gray Kitten hides under the table. The Wolf is very angry because he does not see the Kittens. He begins to look for them.

White Kitten: Ha, ha, Mr. Wolf, you don’t see us.

Gray Kitten: Hay, Mr. Wolf, you cannot find us.

Black Kitten: Go away, Bad Wolf; you will not catch us.

Mother’s voice is heard from the street.

Cat: My little kittens, open the door to your mother.

The Wolf runs away. In comes the Cat.

Cat: Children, where are you? What is the matter?

The Kittens come out and speak all at once.

Black Kitten: Oh, Mother, the wolf has been here.

White Kitten: The wolf wanted to eat us up.

Gray Kitten: He was very hungry and angry with us because we hid from him.

Cat: Don’t let anybody in when your mother is out.

Narrator: Look at the pictures. You can see different characters from fairy tales. They are Fox, Cat, Granny, the Three Bears, etc. I’ll put them on the carpet, on the table and chairs. And here you can see their things: a plate, a cup, a basket, a cap, etc. We shall see who knows tales best of all. Have a look at this box. There are many titles of the tales in it. I’ll choose any of them and read it out. Two children will find pictures with the characters and things from the fairy tales. Who is the quickest to do it? Let’s try this game several times.

Рисунки, на которых изображены герои сказок и изображения их вещей раскладываются в разных местах. Из шкатулки ведущий вынимает карточку с названием сказки, зачитывает его и предлагает двум учащимся как можно быстрее найти рисунки, на которых изображены герои данной сказки и изображения их вещей.

Narrator: Now let us watch the play “The Fox and the Crane”.



The Fox

The Crane


The Fox and the Crane appear before the curtain on the opposite sides of the stage; they approach each other and meet in the centre.

Fox: Good morning, my dear friend.

Crane: Good morning, Foxy.

Fox: How are you? I haven’t seen you for ages.

Crane: Thank you, I am all right.

Fox: I am so glad to see you. Come and have dinner with me, my dear.

Crane: Oh, thank you, I shall come with pleasure.

They go away together.


The Fox’s house. A table and two chairs stand in the middle of the room. The Fox and the Crane enter the room.

Fox: Here is my home. Sit down, dear Crane. Dinner will be ready in a minute.

The Crane sits at the table. The Fox puts a flat plate with porridge on the table.

Fox: Help yourself, dear. The porridge is very good.

The Crane pecks at the porridge with her sharp bill, but she cannot get a bit.

Fox: I hope you like the porridge, my dear. I have cooked it myself.

The Crane continues to peck from the plate. At the same time the Fox begins to lap up the porridge and soon there is nothing left.

Fox: Sorry, my dear Crane, but I have nothing else to offer you.

Crane: Thank you all the same, I’ve had enough. Do come and have dinner with me. Good-bye.


The Crane’s room with a table and two chairs in the middle. The Crane is busy preparing dinner. There is a knock at the door.

Crane: Come in.

Fox: Good afternoon, Crane.

Crane: Oh, Foxy, glad to see you. You are just in time for dinner. Take a seat at the table.

The Fox sits at the table and the Crane gives her some soup in a jug with a narrow neck.

Crane: Help yourself to the soup, my friend.

The Fox licks the jug and sniffs it, and touches it with his nose, but he cannot get at the soup. The Crane laughs and drinks all the soup away.

Crane: Sorry, my friend, but I have nothing else to offer you.

Fox: It is not polite to treat your friend so. I am very hungry.

Crane: I was also hungry after your dinner. Good-bye, dear friend.

Fox: We are no longer friends. (He runs out of the room.)

Narrator: Dear children, you’ve worked much today. Thank you. Move your chairs and sit in a circle. You’ll listen attentively and do the actions. Let’s try to act it out. Let’s have a try.

1. Can you jump like a frog? Show it.

2. Can you swim like a fish? Show it.

3. Can you walk like a duck? Show it.

4. Can you fly like a bird? Show it.

5. Can you say “moo-moo” like a cow? Say it together.

6. Can you say “meow-meow” like a cat? Say it together.

7. Can you say “quack-quack” like a duck? Say it together.

Narrator: OK. You know how to do it and how to say it. That’s all for today. Thank you very much.

By Lyudmila Artamonova ,
School No. 15, Balashov, Saratov region