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Flower Carnival

Сценарий для учащихся 4-х классов

Обычно проводится весной в IV четверти. Участвуют все учащиеся 4-х классов. Для этого праздника все дети готовят костюмы весенних и летних цветов, на голову можно сделать корону или венок из разных цветов. Зал украшен искусственными цветами и картинами, которые учащиеся рисуют сами.








Queen of Flowers

Months: April, March, May, June, July, August

Flowers: Snowdrop, Crocus, Primrose, Mimosa, Violet, Daffodil, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Tulip, Lilac, Pansy, Bluebell, Daisy, Cornflower, Poppy, Lily, Peony, Rose, Edelweiss, Sunflower

На сцену выходит эльф.

Elf: Hello! Hello! Welcome to our Flower Carnival!

I am Elf. I have come from a spring forest. Spring is beautiful. Look!

Here she is!

Звучит музыка П.И. Чайковского “Времена года. Весна”. Выходит девочка в костюме весны и три мальчика – весенние месяцы.

Spring: I am Spring. When I come, green leaves and flowers begin to grow.

This is the season when snowdrops bloom,

When nobody likes to stay in the room.

This is the season when birds make their nests,

This is the season we all like best.

Spring is dancing through the wood

In a lovely dress and hood.

I am here with my spring months.

Spring Months:

March: I am March. In the spring, in the spring

Sweet and fresh is everything.

April: I am April.

I like the sun, I like the spring

I like the birds that twitter and sing.

May: When it is May

We are all happy and gay.

The trees are green,

Blue skies are seen,

Winter days are far away

The world looks new and gay.

Elf: Spring is here! Spring is here!

Flowers are coming, too.

Snowdrops, violets, daffodils

Now are coming through.

Let’s invite the Queen of Flowers!

Звучит вальс П.И. Чайковского и выходит Королева цветов в красивом бальном платье и с короной на голове.

Queen of Flowers: Good morning, children! I am glad to see you.

I like flowers that are bright,

I like flowers that are white.

I like flowers with a smell,

I treat flowers very well.

Уходят Эльф и весенние месяцы, на сцену выходят девочки в костюмах весенних цветов и кружатся под музыку. Затем все вместе поют песню.

The song “When Trees are Green”
When trees are green and forests are green,
And grass is green and long
It’s good to walk in the forest
And listen to sweet birdsong.

Queen of Flowers: My dear flowers! Who is coming first?

Spring Flowers:

Snowdrop: I am first. My name is Snowdrop (подснежник).

I come when the snow is on the ground. I am white. I am very pretty.

Pretty little snowdrops,

Growing through the snow.

We are the first to come.

Don’t you know?

Crocus: My name is Crocus (крокус). I come next. I am yellow.

Spring is coming.

So you are told

By a crocus,

Dressed in gold.

Primrose: I am Primrose (примула). We are pink, white, blue and yellow.

Spring is here.

So you can guess

By the primrose’s

Beautiful dress.

Mimosa: I am Mimosa (мимоза). My little yellow and orange flowers are like soft fluffy chickens.

Mimosa is the symbol

Of the eighth of March.

All girls and women

Like it very much.

Violet: I am Violet (фиалка). I don’t like snow. I like warm days. My dress is violet-coloured.

Deep in the woods a song I hear

A bird is singing, “Spring is here!”

Then at your feet a violet blue.

“I am singing and blooming for you”.

Daffodil: I come next. My name is Daffodil (нарцисс). I am white like snow and yellow like the sun.

Once while walking in the hills

I saw some golden daffodils.

Beside the lake, beneath the trees

Dancing, dancing in the breeze.

Edelweiss: I am Edelweiss (эдельвейс). It’s very difficult to find me. I grow only high in the mountains.

Jasmine: My name is Jasmine (жасмин). I am from the East. My flowers are white. They smell so sweet!

Жасмин танцует восточный танец.

Spring: March winds and April showers

Bring forth May flowers.

Весна и цветы уходят. На сцену выбегает “ветер” под быструю музыку (это могут быть два мальчика, одетые в плащи или накидки).

Wind 1: Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I.

But when the trees bow down their heads

The wind is passing by.

Wind 2: Who has seen the wind?

Neither I nor you.

But when the leaves hang trembling

The wind is passing through.

Входят гром и дождь.

Thunderstorm: It was sunny,

It was warm.

But all of a sudden

A thunderstorm!

Rain: Rain on the trees

And rain on the grass.

Rain on the house tops

Rain falls upon us.

Уходят ветер, дождь, гром. На сцену выходит радуга, 7 девочек, они одеты в красный, оранжевый, желтый, зеленый, голубой, синий и фиолетовый костюмы. Они поют песню “Радуга” и танцуют.

Rainbow: The song “Rainbow”
Can you colour the rainbow?
Can you colour your eyes?
Can you colour the summer sun?
Can you colour the sky?
Colour it red,
Colour it blue,
Colour it yellow
But colour it true.
Colour it green,
Colour it blue,
Colour it orange,
But colour it true.

Радуга уходит. Входят весна и цветы.

Spring: Spring brings the sunshine,

Spring brings the rain.

The plants are awaken

And flowers grow again.

Spring makes the world a happy place

You see a smile on every face.

Flowers come out and birds arrive,

Oh, isn’t it great to be alive?

Lily of the Valley: I am Lily of the Valley (ландыш). My little bells are white and smell better than any perfume.

My name is Lily of the Valley.

I wave in sweet spring air,

Each of my bells is white and dainty.

I am so fresh and fair.

Tulip: I am also a spring flower. My name is Tulip (тюльпан).

Colourful tulips are so bright.

Red and yellow, purple and white.

Lilac: My name is Lilac (сирень). Everybody likes the smell of the Lilac.

The lilac is purple and white

It smells sweet day and night.

Pansy: I am a pansy. My Russian name is very interesting and nice – Анютины глазки. Pansy dresses are colourful: yellow, white, blue, purple, pink. I am beautiful.

Little pansies are so nice

They look in the daylight

Like shiny girls’ eyes.

Queen of Flowers: Spring flowers are so beautiful. I like them very much.

Sweet and fresh are flowers

On every hill and dell,

Oh! How beautiful they are!

How lovely do they smell!

Spring: Flowers bloom beneath my feet,

Little birds, my coming greet.

Весенние цветы поют песню “Кукушка”.

Spring Flowers: The song “Cuckoo”
“Cuckoo!” cuckoo cries in the wood.
“Cuckoo!” cuckoo cries in the wood.
Green spring is here. Summer is near.
“Cuckoo!’ cuckoo cries in the wood.
“Cuckoo!” cuckoo cries in the wood.

Приходит эльф.

Elf: Dear spring! I am afraid it’s time for you to go away.

Summer is coming! Good-bye, spring!

Spring: Good-bye! See you next year.

Весна и цветы уходят.

Elf: Dear summer! You are welcome.

Звучит вальс. На сцену выходит лето и летние месяцы.

Summer: Good morning! Glad to see you! I am Summer.

The summer sun shines hot and high.

Baby birds now learn to fly.

Pretty flowers and tasty fruit.

All the things that are so good.

Have come with my summer months.

June: June brings tulips, lilies, roses,

Fills the children’s hands with posies.

July: Hot July brings apples and cherries,

And a lot of other berries.

August: August brings us golden corn,

Then the harvest home is born.

June: Come, my children, come away

For the sun shines bright today.

Little children, come with me

Birds and trees and flowers to see!

July: Get your hats and come away,

For it is a pleasant day.

August: Let us make a merry ring,

Talk and laugh, and dance and sing!

Quickly, quickly come away,

For it is a pleasant day!

Уходят летние месяцы и Эльф. Звучит классическая музыка “Вальс цветов” и входят летние цветы.

Summer: Here are my summer flowers.

Bluebell: My name is Bluebell (колокольчик). My dress is like a little bell.

“Summer is coming!” bluebells are singing.

“Summer is coming!” they are ringing and ringing.

Daisy: I am a daisy (ромашка). You can see me everywhere: In the garden, in the field, in the forest.

Daisies are growing everywhere.

Daisies are here and daisies are there.

Cornflower: My name is Cornflower (василек). I grow in the field. I am as blue as the sky.

The cornflowers in the field are so blue.

You really like them, don’t you? (танец)

Poppy: I am Poppy (мак). I am orange and red.

High on a sunny flower bed

A scarlet poppy stood.

And up it held its pretty head,

And he was so good!

Lily: My name is Lily (лилия). We are of different colours. We can grow even in the river.

The lilies are very colourful.

Aren’t we wonderful?!

Peony: My name is Peony (пион). My smell is very sweet. I bloom only in summer.

Wonderful peonies are red, pink and white.

The garden becomes very charming and bright.

Rose: My name is Rose. Everybody knows and likes me.

A fresh half open rose

Is very beautiful as everyone knows.

And what makes the rose lovely?

The sun, I suppose.

Sunflower: My name is Sunflower (подсолнух). I am a very big flower. I always look at the sun. My black seeds are very tasty.

Summer: The flowers are blooming everywhere

On every hill and dell.

Oh! How beautiful they are!

How lovely do they smell!

Queen of Flowers: Dear Summer! Your flowers are so wonderful! I like them very much.

Все цветы танцуют вальс.

В конце представления все участники поют заключительную песню.

The song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”
I’d like to build the world a home and furnish it with love,
Grow apple trees, and honey bees, and snow-white turtle doves.
I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,
I’d like to hold it in my arms and keep it company.
I’d like to see the world for once all standing hand in hand,
And hear them echo through the hills for peace throughout the land.

The End

Compiled by Tatyana Mahkrina ,
School No. 1285, Moscow