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Merry Beasts

Музыкальная комедия

Действующие лица:

Ведущие 1, 2, 3Кошка
Лисицы 1, 2, 3 Львица
ТигрКрасная Шапочка

Перед занавесом ведущие говорят о своей любви к животным.

Ведущий 1: (держит игрушку попугая)

I wonder, have you ever heard

My parrot. He is a talking bird.

He says “Hello” to any man,

Who says “Hello” to him.

He eats and sleeps and talks again;

But in his dreams he sees

Palms and unknown jungle trees,

And hides from tropical rains.

Ведущий 2: I love all kinds of animals,

Dogs and cats and rabbits.

I love all kinds of animals

I know their little habits.

Ведущий 3: If I had plenty of money

Do you know what I would do?

I’d buy a lot of animals

And have my own little zoo.

But they wouldn’t be in cages,

They’d be free to run around,

And there’s one thing they would know,

That is to be safe and sound.

Поднимается занавес, играет музыка “В мире животных”, выходят все персонажи-животные и танцуют. Музыка прекращается, выносят декорации леса. Звери становятся в три ряда с поднятыми руками, изображая деревья, качаются, издают странные звуки; создается шум. Из зала выбегают два напуганных зайца.

Зайчонок: Oh, Mummy, what’s that noise? Is it a wolf? Mummy, tell me, please, is it a wolf? I’m so frightened!!!

Зайчиха: Oh, help, help, please help! The sky is falling! Let’s run away quickly!!!

Убегая, они встречаются с волком.

Волк: What’s up? What’s going on here?!

Зайчиха: Oh, don’t you know? The sky is falling! We must run away.

Волк: Really? I think you are right. The sky is really falling. Let’s run away quickly!

Убегая, они встречаются с лисицей.

Лисица 1: (волку) Oh, my darling, hello. Haven’t seen you for ages! Haven’t heard of you for ages! What’s the matter with you? Why are you so frightened? Where are you running?

Волк: (лисице) You stupid fox! Don’t you know that the sky is falling? If you want to die, stay here. We are hurrying!!!

Лисица 1: Oh, no, no, I don’t want to die! Please, take me with you, please!!!

Убегая, они встречаются с медведем.

Медведь: What has happened? What’s the matter with you, little rabbits? What’s up, my friend wolf?

Волк: Come on, run with us, if you want to save your skin!

Медведь: Yes, you are right. Let’s run away quickly!

Убегая, они встречаются со второй лисицей.

Лисица 2: Where are you running, my dear friends?

Медведь: How silly you are! Don’t you know that the sky is falling?

Лисица 2: The sky is falling? I must save my life! Wait for me, please! Don’t leave me alone!!!

Выбегает белка.

Белка: What’s the buzz, what’s happening? Upon my word, I don’t understand anything. But I’ll run too. Maybe I’ll find plenty of nuts? Who knows?

Напуганные звери встречаются с тигром.

Тигр: Where are you going, my dear friends? What’s the matter with you? Why are you so frightened?

Волк: Can’t you hear the noise? The sky is falling!

Тигр смеётся над всеми.

Тигр: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! What stupid beasts you are indeed! The thing is that tomorrow it’ll be our king’s birthday. And you are all invited to meet His Majesty. I think you should get ready for the party and prepare presents for His Majesty.

Звери с облегчением вздыхают, радуются. Звучит мелодия (“Марш” Прокофьева). Все уходят за кулисы. Выходит медведь.

Медведь: What present shall I take to His Majesty? I think I’ll give him a Christmas tree. But where can I find it? I think I’ll go to the mountains and look for it there.

Выходят ведущие, они держат в руках большую декорацию, на которой нарисованы горы, и поют песню.


The bear went over the mountain,
The bear went over the mountain,
The bear went over the mountain
To see a Christmas tree.

The other side of the mountain,
The other side of the mountain,
The other side of the mountain
To see a Christmas tree.

Уходят все. Выходит кошка.

Кошка: I’m so happy! I’m invited to the birthday party of His Majesty! But what shall I put on? I want to look beautiful. Oh, yes, of course! I’ll put on my new hat. It really becomes me.

Выходит домохозяйка.

Хозяйка: Where are you going to, my little cat?

Кошка: I’m going to the party of His Majesty!

Хозяйка: But have you got a present?

Кошка: No, not yet. But I’m sure I’ll catch a mouse and take it to the king. I think he’ll like it.

Кошка: I think mice are rather nice.

Their tails are long,

Their faces small,

They haven’t any chins at all.

Their ears are pink,

Their teeth are white,

They run about the house at night.

They nibble things

They shouldn’t touch

And no one seems

To like them much.

But I think mice are rather nice.

Кошка уходит. Выходит мышка.

Мышка: You know, I’m going to the party to His Majesty. I’m sure His Majesty remembers how I saved his life once. One day the lion got into a net and couldn’t get free. I heard his voice, came up to him, bit the rope with my sharp teeth and set the lion free. I think His Majesty will be glad to see me at his party. Oh, yes, he will, he will!!!

Мышка поёт песню и танцует.

Мышка: I’m a little mouse short and stout

Here’s my tail and here’s my mouth.

If you see the cats running about,

Please, warn me quickly, don’t let me down!

Выбегает кошка и гонится за мышкой. Мышка кричит.

Мышка: Oh, help, help, please, help!!!

Мышь и кошка убегают.

Выходит Красная Шапочка, танцует.

Красная Шапочка: Do you know where I’m going? Yes, you are quite right. I’m going to the birthday party to the Lion. They say there’ll be a lot of beasts. But I’m not afraid of them, you know. They are all my friends. I love them so much and they love me too.

Выходит волк и видит Красную Шапочку.

Волк: I’ll have tasty dinner today.

Красная Шапочка: Oh, please, don’t eat me, please!!!

Волк: What’s this little Red Riding Hood? What have you got in your hands?

Красная Шапочка поёт песню в дуэте с волком.

Красная Шапочка: What’s this and what’s this,

Do you want to know it?

This is our King’s favourite

Red and yellow basket.

Волк: Little Red Riding Hood sweetie,

Let me quickly peep in it,

I wonder if there is

A sweet delicious biscuit?

Красная Шапочка: Peep in it, peep in it,

If you want, please, peep in it,

It is full of tasty fruits

And sweet delicious biscuits.

A basket with biscuits,

Fresh and tasty biscuits,

His Majesty will like the food

And with pleasure eat it.

Eat it, eat it,

With great pleasure eat it.

Then will give an empty basket

Praying again to bring it.

Волк: Little Red Riding Hood sweetie,

You see it’s a pity!

You are feeding His Majesty,

Don’t you love me, pretty,

Go to Granny quickly,

Leave this basket with me.

Leave me, leave me.

You just do believe me!

When I come back from the party,

On this way you meet me!

Волк отнимает у Красной Шапочки корзинку и убегает. Красная Шапочка плачет. К ней подходит охотник.

Охотник: What’s the matter with you, little Red Riding Hood? Why are you crying? Please, calm down and explain to me what has happened?

Красная Шапочка: I can’t help crying. The wolf has taken away my basket with delicious biscuits and I can’t go to the Lion now to his birthday party.

Охотник: Don’t be upset, my dear girl, don’t worry. We’ll find that greedy wolf and punish him. You’ll get your basket back. Don’t cry, let’s go! (Видит волка.)

You greedy wolf! Halt! Give the basket back to little Red Riding Hood if you want to save your life, quickly! And forget all your tricks if you don’t want to die!

Волк бросает корзинку и убегает, охотник гонится за ним.

Выходит Красная Шапочка, видит свою корзину.

Красная Шапочка: Oh, my basket with delicious biscuits! Now I can get to His Majesty!

Красная Шапочка уходит.

Выходят лисицы.

Лисица 1: Sisters, what present shall we give to His Majesty?

Лисица 2: I know what. Let’s go to the farm and catch hens. His Majesty loves delicious hens so much!

Лисица 3: Yes, you are right. It’s a good idea, indeed! But I think it’s better to go there at night. Nobody will see us then.

Лисицы: (вместе) OK. Let’s run.

Лисицы убегают.

Играет музыка. Выносят декорацию фермы, декорацию курятника отдельно.

Выходит хозяйка дома и ищет собаку Лесси. Хозяйка поёт.


Did you ever see Lassie, Lassie, Lassie,

Did you ever see Lassie go this way and that?

This way and that way and this and that way,

Did you ever see Lassie go this way and that?

Лесси: What’s this? I smell a fox. I’m sure she’s coming to catch our hens. But she doesn’t know me. I’ll catch her myself.

Убегает. Гаснет свет.

Лисицы выносят декорацию тёмного неба со звездами и поют песню.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are?

When we go to farm at night
Thanks for keeping hens in sight,
Please, keep watch upon the Earth,
Keep it safe till morning light,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are!

Лисица 1: Come on, sisters, over here!

Лисицы залезают в курятник. Слышно кудахтанье куриц.

Появляется собака Лесси, лает, нападает на лисиц и откусывает хвост одной из них. Лисицы убегают. Выходит лисица без хвоста и плачет.

Лисица 1: Oh, what can I do now? How can I go to His Majesty to the party without my tail? I’m so unhappy!

Лисица 2: Don’t be upset, my dear. Please, don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll manage to do something! Oh, My Lord! Yes, of course, I know what we can do. We’ll go to the bear and ask him to give you his tail!

Лисица 3: Are you sure he will give her his tail?

Лисица 1: I’m not sure, but I think he will. He is so kind and stupid, you know. He won’t mind if he stays without a tail himself.

Лисица 3: No, sisters, it’s better to go to the squirrel. Her tail is so fluffy and beautiful!

Лисицы 1, 2: OK. Let’s go.

Выходит белка. Лисицы подбегают к ней.

Лисица 3:

Squirrel, squirrel in the park,
Your tail is like a question mark,
Your nose is white and brown,
Your eyes are shining with delight.

When you run, you run in gump,
Up the trees around the stumps.
Squirrel, squirrel, stop and see,
What I have brought along with me.

Something that you like to see,
Something that you like to eat.
Squirrel, don’t you understand?
Here’s a peanut in my hand!

Лисица предлагает белке орехи.

Белка: Yes, I see you like my tail and my nose and my eyes, but I won’t give you my tail. I need it myself.

Белка уходит. Лисицы остаются.

Лисица 1: Don’t worry, dear. Let’s go to the bear then. I’m sure he’ll give you his tail.

Лисицы 1, 2, 3: Let’s go then.

На сцену выходит медведь. Лисицы подбегают к нему.

Лисица 1: Hi, my dear. How are you getting on? You look fine.

Медведь: Thank you. You look fine too. Oh, what’s the matter with you? Where’s your tail?

Лисица 1: Oh, my tail! I’ve lost it. I don’t know how I can go to the party to His Majesty now.

Лисица 2: My dear bear! You are so kind. Could you give her your tail?

Медведь: But how can I? How can I live without my tail? What can I do without it?

Лисица 2: Please, please, give it to her, please, be so kind, please!!!

Медведь: OK. Then. Take it and be careful. Don’t lose it any more.

Лисицы 1, 2, 3: Thank you so much, you are so kind indeed. Bye!!!

Медведь: Bye and see you at the party.

Медведь, грустный, оставшийся без хвоста, идёт к Айболиту.

Медведь: How do you do, dear doctor?

Айболит: How do you do, my friend? What’s happened, why are you so sad? Where’s your tail?

Медведь: I’ve given my tail to the fox. Tomorrow I’m going to the party to His Majesty, but I can’t go there without it. I know you have many tails. Could you give me one?

Айболит: Of course, choose any tail you wish. Do you like this one? That one?

Медведь: Oh, no, it’s too long. That one is too short. Oh, I like this peacock tail.

Айболит: Are you sure you really like it?

Медведь: Yes, of course. It’s brilliant!

Айболит: Then let me apply it.

Медведь: Oh, thank you doctor so much. Thank you very much indeed. Good-bye.

Айболит: Bye, and remember me to the Lion.

Во дворце у льва. Выносят декорацию дворца. Выходят львица и львенок.

Львица: Hello, sweetie. How are you? Do you know that today it’s your father’s birthday?

Львёнок: Yes, sure, Mummy, but I don’t know what to give to Daddy. Oh, I think I’ll go to the forest and find something delicious for him.

Львица: Oh, no, dear, don’t go far. You’ll be lost.

Львёнок: Don’t worry, Mummy, I’ll be back soon.

Львенок убегает. Появляется лев.

Львица: Happy birthday, my dear. I’m so glad that you are in a good mood today. Lots of guests will come to us. You’ll have so many presents. And do you know what present I’m giving to you?

Лев: No, I don’t.

Львица: Can you guess?

Лев: No, I can’t.

Львица: You’ll see but a bit later. Now I’ll go and lay the table for our guests.

Опускается занавес.

Выходят звери с подарками и поют песню.

We are happy merry beasts
And are going to the feast.
His Majesty will be pleased.
Do you know what it means?
It means peace, it is peace.
You can always, always believe this.
Long live friendship of the beasts!
It will bring us happiness.
(2 раза)

Открывается занавес. Действие во дворце у льва. Лев сидит на троне, рядом с ним стоят львица и львенок. Все звери хором поздравляют льва с днём рождения.

Звери: (хором) Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

Лев, Львица, Львёнок: You are welcome, dear guests.

Потом звери по очереди преподносят подарки льву и поют.

This is the present I’ve brought you,
I’ve brought you, I’ve brought you,
This is the present I’ve brought you,
Your Majesty Lion.

После всех львица преподносит льву торт, ставит на стол и все поют песню “Happy Birthday”.

Лев встаёт с трона довольный, еще раз благодарит всех и поёт песню.

In the land where I was born
Live so many merry beasts.
And today I’ve called them all
To be happy at the feast.

We shall have some fun today
From the morning till midnight.
I’m glad to see dear friends of mine,
Dear friends of mine, dear friends of mine,
I’m so grateful to the guests of mine,
To the guests of mine, to the guests of mine.

And as long as we exist
In this land and in this field.
I believe you’ll always plead:
“Dear Lion, Be our King!”

Все подхватывают последнюю строчку песни и поют.

Занавес опускается.

Submitted by Irina Gurgenidze ,
School No. 1282, Moscow