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"The Wolf, the Goat and Her Seven Kids"

Пьеса-сказка. Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия для учащихся 6-го класса (УМК Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю. Happy English.ru)

Цель: Совершенствование грамматических навыков речи.

Оборудование: макет домика с открытым окном; плакат c изображением леса; круглый столик на колесиках; магнитофон; звукозапись песни “Happy Birthday”; картинка с изображением торта; маски и костюмы животных; корзина; муляжи фруктов и овощей.

The characters introduce themselves coming forward.

– Hello, I am a Wolf.

– Hello, I am a Goat.

– Hello, we are Kids (all together).

The Kids are in the house. One of them is looking through the window.

The Goat comes up to her house and knocks at the door.

Goat: Hello, my dear Kids. I am your mother-goat. Let me come in.

Kids: Hello, Mummy. We are glad to see you. We are so hungry.

Goat: I was in the meadow. I ate sweet grass and drank clean water. Now I have got a lot of milk for you.

Kids: Oh, mother, dear, thank you very much.

Goat: What did you do at home, my Kids?

Kid 1: I painted a wonderful picture.

Kid 2: I read an interesting book.

Kid 3: I watched TV.

Kid 4: I played computer games.

Kid 5: I built a nice toy castle.

Kid 6: I did my homework.

Kid 7: I slept in my bed.

The Goat: Oh, you are good Kids. Listen to me. I am going to the market to buy some fruit and vegetables. Stay home and let nobody come in. Bye-bye.

The Goat goes away. The Wolf comes up to the house and knocks at the door.

Kids: Who is there?

Wolf: I am a wolf. Hello, boys and girls. Will you go to the forest to have my birthday party, please? I’ve got a tasty cake.

Kids: Oh, with pleasure. Let’s go.

The Wolf and the Kids leave for the forest. The Goat comes. She has got a basket with fruit and vegetables in her hand. Only a very scared Sheep, her neighbour is waiting for her.

Goat: Oh, my! What’s the matter? Where are my children?

Sheep: The Wolf came here ten minutes ago and took them to his place.

Goat: Oh, oh! My poor Kids! What shall I do now? Well, I’ll find this big bad Wolf and bring back my children.

The Goat makes her way to the forest. She hears the song “Happy Birthday” and sees the Wolf and the Kids dancing around the table.

Wolf: Hello. You are welcome. Today is my birthday. I am 11.1 am glad to have a lot of guests.

The Goat is happy. She puts fruit and vegetables on the table and starts dancing.

Валентина Николаевна Ладарева ,
ГОУ СОШ № 381 "Школа надомного обучения", Москва