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Erin Bouma's Recommended

WEB FINDS: News and Journalism


World Newspapers Online, links including 817 from Europe (16 from Russia – but some no longer publishing), 176 for Africa, 82 Oceania, 130 Middle East, etc.


“Thousands of newspapers at your fingertips” by country/region. Extensive listing for Russia (titles in English) regional, local, specialist papers. Also the 50 most popular online newspapers/magazines in the past month.


Selected news and views of 1,600 organizations worldwide focused on human rights awareness and fighting poverty.


Global Connections: a credible and tech-savy source for weekly current events, global civics and globalization content. Each week there are 6 briefings: Fast Facts, Country of the Week, Issue of the Week, Quiz of the Week, and Person of Week. Register free for access.


Voice of America radio program (audio/ transcript) news in “Special English”, featuring a core vocabulary of 1500 simple words, delivered in short, simple sentences with one idea, using active voice and no idioms, and read at a pace, (about 2/3s the speed of standard English). You can hear: the latest worlds news, different short daily features and in-depth features about US life, science & space, American history, popular culture, influential Americans and short stories.

Especially good for intermediate students to practice listening skills.


World-renowned international news coverage. Advanced vocabulary and comprehension skills needed for both reading and listening to fast, natural speech.


BBC’s learning English “Words in the News” feature with text, spoken audio, definitions and cultural notes. Comes out every other day with current topics and vocabulary.


Monthly News Digest Online for English Learners, with a pre-listening vocabulary and cloze test. Posted the first day of each month, these stories include audio feeds, texts and exercises. Students can listen, practise being newscasters or hold a debate/discussion based on the question. Comprehension questions can be used for writing exercises.


English Grammar Online – Top Yahoo news stories “Newsticker” standard newswire stories (U.S. and International).


U.S. classroom resources for students and teachers (7–12 grades). Current events news stories, pictures, maps, videos, in-depth lesson-plans and stories written by students.


Teaching With the Times. Featured materials designed to complement classroom curriculum. A wealth of resources: lesson plans, Times articles, multimedia, archives, quizzes, crosswords, related Web sites, etc. From Shakespeare and science, to U.S. history or health, the materials are designed to help students connect to issues and events in the news. For grades 6–12.


40 Ways to teach with New York Times news articles. Graphic organizers and printouts for warm-up activities, curriculum extensions, skill builders, literacy games, substitute lessons, or for fun: a collection of PDF activity sheets, some with teacher directions.


Weekly Reader news – Current Events News Blog with interesting illustrated stories.


This site is to Create Your Own Newspaper. With CRAYON you have a tool for managing news sources on the Internet which helps you make a “newspaper” to organize periodical information. The result is a news page customized for you with the information that you are most interested in.


Link listing of popular International, U.S/Canada papers, also local ones by state, politics, science, lifestyle, health, humor, etc.


Several sites on teens and journalism.


Site (archives) from The New York Times, where students ask reporters (international, national, city, sports, culture, photographers, etc.) real questions about their work, experience and advice.


Good advice and questions for student reporters to use when interviewing (new) teachers.


Questions to ask a reporter if they want to interview you. Here you are offered one page of practical tips/advice to handle the situation. Can be uses as discussion material.

Compiled by Erin Bouma