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Jazz Up Your Lesson


Do you think you know the people around you? There are actually all sorts of people we barely know. As our everyday vocabulary briskly continues on its boring journey to monotony, people tend to categorize people more simply and much less precisely. For instance, take the group for whom we may use the blanket description “jerks”. But this group contains lots of subsets, such as shoe sluts, slobs, slackmouthed mumbling fools… Want to know more precise names? Then lets play a guessing game!

Here you will find lots of different names for different categories of people. Try to guess who these people might possibly be by amusing storylets. Then check your guess.

Donald and Sarah were both avid cruciverbalists, and every Saturday they argued over the magazine section of the newspaper. Always the dimbox, Ida solved the problem by purchasing two papers.

“That writer is a delusional cockalorum!” exclaimed Lucy, the receptionist at the publishing house. “The way he puffs himself up is simply obnoxious!”
“Yes,” agreed Hetty. “Have pity on me. I have to edit his memoirs, and the man is a shameless autohagiographer.”

“He’s as dense as a pithecanthrope, he really is. I do not think he has ever had a complex thought in that big head of his!”
“Well, I did think him somewhat of a troglodyte when I met him at the dance. Has the man ever heard of manners?”

Morgan was a gaffoon on the evening radio show. It was lucky for him that he was used to being a lychnobite; his previous job was a night watchman for the local bank.

“You never pick up a book, you never read the newspaper, you never go to the movies, you never pay attention to anything around you. Instead, you stare at the wall and loll around the house. You are both a fysigunkus and a dringle!”

Paula could not believe her good fortune. Her humane society hired her as their fewterer, and that was a perfect fit for her, being a theriolater.

Stella was not a philonoist until her thirties, when she decided to go to college. By the time she received her Ph.D., she liked to call herself an opsimath.

The protestors insisted that the manufacturer was polluting the air. They were philogeants – as well as all are, to some extent – but they were also ecodoomsters, and a lot of people just did not believe them.







a person who creates sound effects in a broadcast
a person who works at night and sleeps during the day
someone who appreciates the good things in the world. This words, formed from “philo-” = loving and the Greek “ge” = earth, means literally “a lover of earth”
a person who predicts environmental catastrophes
a little man who thinks he is big
someone who speaks or writes in a smug or self-aggrandizing way about his or her life and accomplishments
someone who is totally devoid of curiosity
someone who likes to waste time
a prehistoric ancestor of homo sapiens who resembled a cross between an anthropoid ape and a Neanderthal
someone who lives in a cave. It is applied only to prehistoric cave dwellers, however you may use it to describe someone who lives in a dingy domicile, or people who are socially inept and culturally benighted
a devotee of crossword puzzles, or an expert at solving them
someone who settles a controversy or dispute
a keeper of dogs or a manager of a dog kennel
a person who worships animals
a seeker of knowledge
a late learner; one who acquires knowledge late in life

to be continued

By Alyona Pavlova ,
Moscow State University of Printing Arts