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"ABC Festival"

Праздник на английском языке для учащихся младшей школы

continued from No. 11


Curtains open.

Place: school, the first form.

Professor Book: Good afternoon! I’m your teacher. My name is Professor Book.

Pupils: (in chorus) Good afternoon, Professor Book!

Professor Book: (turns to his pupils) And what is your name?

Pupils: My name is… (every child says what his/her name is)

Professor Book: (turns to Scarecrow) And what is your name?

Scarecrow: My name is Scarecrow!

Professor Book: Good for you! Thank you. What can you do, kids?

Pupil 1: I can ride a bike!

Scarecrow: I cannot ride a bike!

Pupil 2: I can play football!

Scarecrow: I cannot play football!

Pupil 3: I can climb a tree!

Scarecrow: I cannot climb a tree!

Pupil 4: I can help my mother!

Scarecrow: I don’t have a mother!

Pupil 5: I can clean the floor,

I can make the beds,

I can wash the plates

And I can bake the cakes!

Pupil 6: And I can read and write!

Scarecrow: I cannot read and write!

Pupil 7: I’m a girl,

A little one!

I can play,

I can run!

Scarecrow: I cannot run!

Pupil 8: (pointing to the girl – Pupil 7)

Have a look: this is Kate!

She can ski!

She can skate!

Scarecrow: (bitterly) I cannot ski and skate!

Pupil 9: And I can draw, Professor Book!

I have many pencils: red and green and blue,

I can draw a picture and give it to you!

Pupil 10: I can draw my father,

I can draw my mother!

Pupil 11: I can draw my sister

And my little brother!

Professor Book: (smiling) Thank you, kids! Good for you! And can you count?

Pupils: (in chorus) Yes, we can!

The children of the first form sing a song “Ten Little Fingers”.

The Song “Ten Little Fingers”
One little, two little, three little fingers,
Four little, five little, six little fingers,
Seven little, eight little, nine little fingers,
Ten fingers on my hands!
Ten little, nine little, eight little fingers,
Seven little, six little, five little fingers,
Four little, three little, two little fingers,
One finger on my hand!

Professor Book: Very good, kids! And can we teach Carlson to count?

Pupils: (in chorus) Yes, we can!

Pupil 12: One, one, one! Please, dog run!

Pupil 13: Two, two, two! Cats, run too!

Pupil 14: Three, three, three! Tigers, run to me!

Pupil 15: Four, four, four! Monkeys, touch the door!

Pupil 16: Five, five, five! Please, birds, fly!

Professor Book: Very good, boys and girls! And what do you like, kids?

Pupil 17: I like cats and dogs!

Pupil 1: I like to eat ice-cream and to drink Pepsi!

Pupil 2: I like sweets and lollipops!

Pupil 3: I like coffee,

I like tea!

I like apples

On the tree!

Pupil 4: I like fish,

I like eggs,

I like cheese and meat!

Pupil 5: I like cakes and biscuits,

In fact,

I like to eat!

Professor Book: Very good, kids! And do you like to play?

Pupil 6: Little children, girls and boys,

Like the magic world of toys!

Pupil 7: Roma likes his little rocket,

He can put it in his pocket.

Pupil 8: Pasha likes his orange ball,

And Diana likes her doll.

Pupils: (in chorus) We can play and play till night

When the days are gay and bright!

Pupil 9: Professor Book! And I like to go to school!

Pupil 10: (giving Scarecrow a big hug and a kiss on the cheek) And I like Scarecrow!

Pupils: (in chorus) We are friends!

The children of the first form sing a song “Clap Your Hands Together”.

The Song “Clap Your Hands Together”
Clap, clap, clap your hands,
Clap your hands together.
Clap, clap, clap your hands,
Clap your hands together.

Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet,
Stamp your feet together.
Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet,
Stamp your feet together.

Sing, sing, sing a song,
Sing a song together.
Sing, sing, sing a song,
Sing a song together.

Dance, dance, dance a dance,
Dance a dance together.
Dance, dance, dance a dance,
Dance a dance together.

Wash, wash, wash your face,
Wash your face together.
Wash, wash, wash your face,
Wash your face together.

March, march, march a march,
March a march together.
March, march, march a march,
March a march together.

Curtains close.


Curtains open.

Place: a clearing in the forest. Piglet is standing in the middle of it holding a big red balloon.

Piglet: Today the old grey donkey Eeyore has his birthday. I’ve got a present for him: this beautiful red balloon. Because nobody can be happy without a balloon this day. So I’m in a hurry … (Piglet is picking up speed and walking faster) to be the first… (Piglet is almost running) … to give a present to Eeyore! (With these words he falls down on his balloon and bursts it. At this very moment a loud “bang” is heard from behind the curtains.)

Piglet: (crying) Misfortune!

Eeyore: (coming over to Piglet quietly from the right so he can’t see the burst balloon that Piglet is hiding behind his back) Good morning, Piglet… If it is a good morning… which I doubt…

Piglet: Many happy returns of the day, Eeyore!

Eeyore: Say it again…

Piglet: (very loudly) Many happy returns of the day, Eeyore!!!

Eeyore: My birthday?

Piglet: Of course, Eeyore. I brought you a present.

Eeyore: A present?

Piglet: Yes, Eeyore, I brought you a balloon!

Eeyore: (puzzled) What did you say? Balloon?

Piglet: Yes, but… I’m afraid… I’m very sorry, Eeyore… but when I was running… I fell DOW-W-N!!! (crying loudly)

Eeyore: Dear, dear, how unlucky! You didn’t hurt yourself, little Piglet?

Piglet: No, but… Eeyore! I burst the balloon!!!

Eeyore: My birthday balloon?

Piglet: Yes, Eeyore. With… many happy returns of the day…

Piglet is stretching his shaking hand to the donkey giving the rest of the balloon to Eeyore.

Eeyore: Is it my present?.. (keeps silent for a while, examining his present for a few seconds) Thank you, Piglet!

Piglet starts sobbing bitterly. Eeyore doesn’t move looking at a small piece of rubber that used to be a balloon a few minutes ago. At this moment Little Red Riding Hood appears on the stage.

LRRH: (energetically) Any problems? By the way I’m Little Red Riding Hood! Do you see my beautiful red cape with a hood?

Piglet: Oh, Little Red Riding Hood! I spoiled Eeyore’s birthday! I burst his birthday balloon! I’m so unhappy!

LRRH: You know, Piglet, in fact I’m unhappy too! I lost my way in the magic forest and still can’t find my lovely Granny.

Piglet and Little Red Riding Hood are sobbing together.

Host and Hostess appear from the left.

Host: I cannot understand these fairy tale characters! Little Red Riding Hood! You escaped and didn’t wait for us!

Hostess: Little Red Riding Hood! We found your lovely Granny! Red Riding Hood, you’re so lucky! Your Granny is a young woman with a beautiful soul. She is an intelligent and magnificent lady!

After these words the music is on (“The Flower Waltz” by P. Tchaikovsky) and Granny appears on the stage. She has a big handkerchief, a red balloon and some flowers in her hands. She gives the handkerchief to Piglet and the balloon to Eeyore. The music stops here.

Eeyore: Oh! My birthday present! (Eeyore takes Piglet by the hand and they happily skip away from the stage.)

Curtains close. Granny, LRRH, Host and Hostess are standing in front of the curtains.

LRRH: Oh, my dear Granny! (happily) At last I found you! I love you so much!

Granny: Good afternoon, kids and dear guests! Glad to see you, my dear child! What happened to you? Why are you so unhappy and miserable?

LRRH: Granny! I was looking for you for a long time in the endless magic forest! I miss you so much! That’s why I became unhappy!

Granny: Poor little thing! Who told you that I live in the magic forest? I live in the city! And I like to teach little children English! I am a teacher of English!

Host: Oh! It’s a great piece of luck to have such a granny!

Granny: My dear child! I see you forgot my words about intercultural communication! If you have communication skills, you’ll never be unhappy! If you’re kind and polite, if you can smile and joke with your friends, you’ll never be dull, miserable and full of problems! (to the audience, stepping forward) Dear kids and guests! I invite you to the lesson of English literature devoted to the limerick in the third form. No doubt that in ten minutes you’ll be heartily laughing!


Curtains open.

Place: school, the 3rd form.

Granny: Let’s start our lesson.

Pupil 1: In English Literature we can find such style of English nonsense poetry as a limerick. A Limerick is a short poem describing a humorous and absurd situation and makes us laugh at human vices.

Granny: Will you translate, please?

Pupil 2: Английская литература предлагает нам такой шутливый поэтический жанр, как лимерик. Лимерик – это небольшое стихотворение, которое описывает смешную и нелепую ситуацию или высмеивает человеческие недостатки.

Granny: Thank you. Continue, please.

Pupil 3: The word “limerick” comes from the name of the Irish town Limerick and the style was created by Irish poets. William Shakespeare, Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll used limericks in their poems. We want to recite some poems for you.

Pupil 4: Название этого жанра связано с ирландским городом Лимерик и творчеством ирландских поэтов XVIII в. Лимерик, как жанр, присутствует в творчестве Уильима Шекспира, Эдварда Лира и Льюиса Кэрролла. Послушайте, пожалуйста, наше выступление.

Pupil 5: An old person of Dean.

There was an old person of Dean

Who dined on one pea and one bean.

For he said, “More than that,

Would make me too fat.”

That cautious old person of Dean.

Granny: Thank you very much. Translate, please.

Pupil 6: Одинокий старик из Туниса.

Одинокий старик из Туниса

На обед съедал зернышко риса.

“Больше есть я не смею,

А не то растолстею”,

Объяснял он друзьям из Туниса.

(Перевод О. Астафьевой)

Carlson, Malish and Three Little Pigs appear on the stage.

Granny: Thank you, kids! (stepping forward) Dear guests! I hope we raised your spirits and made you laugh.

Host: You see how much we can do when we are together!

Granny: So, dear kids, if you have communication skills, you can be heard by everyone in different languages and in different countries.

LRRH: And you can find your lovely Granny even in the magic forest!

Carlson: And learn how to count!

Malish: And get as many buns as you want!

Hostess: And you also can make a lot of friends at school!

Pigs: (in chorus) And hide from the Big Bad Wolf!

Host: Yes, if we have communication skills we can play and work together every day at our school!

All the characters sing the song “Together”.

Together, together
Together every day,
Together, together
We work and we play.

Together, together
We read our books each day,
Together, together
We work and we play.

Together, together
We write some words each day
Together, together
We work and we play!

The End


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