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Erin Bouma's Recommended

WEBFinds – Flashcards

This time I’m offering you a bonanza of flashcard resources.


138 large card designs that can be printed with or without text labels.

Categories include: animals, children’s toys, a few actions, and Halloween. 


Nice-looking, color, 8-to-a-page pictures and labels. Topics include: circus, bugs, human and animal bodies, jobs, sports, and shops.  


Picture Flashcard Library for Learning English

Simple word list cards including categories such as: actions, appearance, body, house, jobs, weather.


5x6 cm cards. Includes many conversation topics, 12 common idioms, frequent phrasal verbs, modals, gerunds and infinitives plus games for using cards


Grammar-related items such as a few irregular verbs, pronouns, possessive adjectives, question words and prepositions 


Extensive assortment here. LANGUAGE ARTS Section: 100 vocabulary words with sophisticated content (pronunciation, synonym and antonym, and sample sentence; 52 matching proper-common nouns with color pictures and U.S. content; 51 different simple words; NOUNS Section: color pictures with Clothes (37), Kitchen (26), School (32), and Animals (34)

Additional areas include: Alphabet, Colors, Numbers, Sports, etc.


A4 –size large color pictures in areas such as: pet animals, classroom objects, birds, flowers, snacks, city buildings, trees, and musical instruments.


Many large color pictures of animals, food, Halloween.


Computer designed color graphic cards for such topics as: ABC-Z Phonics, Christmas, clothes, fruits, furniture, toys, and something called “taboo”.


Extensive collection of images for flashcards. Categories such as: “At home Actions” (B/W-109, C-70); adjectives (B/W- 34, C-82); Classroom Commands (B/W-17, C-8); Feeling & Emotions (B/W-17, C-7); Gameboards (B/W-6).

Also illnesses, prepositions, sports, places, transport.


Flashcard Center, covering “the world’s largest flashcard library” (15,602,525) The Flashcard Exchange offers free accounts (must register) which allows one to make and study w/flashcards.

The Exchange has a “Help” section to get you started. Wide variety of styles/subjects found here. 

Activities and Exercises


These Pre-literate Student Exercises were developed by Charles LaRue. They allow students to work with letters, numbers and words. Names, months, days of the week and clock time materials are in pdf format.


Several 10–15 minute active /interactive games for using flashcards with students.


Practical ideas for vocabulary work, reading and writing and several other types of activities for the classroom.

Compiled by Erin Bouma