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Erin Bouma's Recommended


Interactive Word Games


Simple but challenging 3 min. game to make words from 16 letters. Most words give 1 point but harder ones will give you 2 or 3.
Created by BBC for Chinese learners of Engish. Can compete with others if registered.

Discussion Questions


638 discussion topics are offered for use for lessons and speaking practice. On each topic there are 10 questions for Student A and another 10 for Student B, totaling 12,760 questions. The speaking activities are on both everyday themes and more controversial issues, each having ready-to-print Word and PDF downloads. Also 11 topics for discussion centered on common idioms (2 on “hand”).

Current Idioms


American idioms in context (with definitions) found in popular newspapers & magazines.
One Wall Street Journal entry contained three such idioms: miss out, go to great lengths, and fuddy-duddy.
If you find a colorful usage, let them know and they’ll post it. Send:info@eslmania.com.

Canadian Material


This Canadian ESL site, The Center for Education and Training, has standard grammar tests, but includes 6 short “American Story” and 11 Canadian reading texts with questions, plus a 12-part test for Canadian citizenship.
Also check out “Crazy English” and the Exercise on Prepositions (mouse pictorial) in “Flashed ESL”.

Unique Listening Practice


This free site offers an easy platform to hear written information spoken. You register and then can input text, receive the recording, download it and save it in your folder. There are multiple input methods for users to create readings and offer a clear sounding, synthesized speech recordings in a number of voice variations.
I like best the voices of Elizabeth (UK) and from the U.S., Michael, Robert, Frank, Emily and Lauren. While the phrasing is a little off and the pronunciation not perfect, you can get a good idea how to pronounce a text (even an original one) by listening to it.


These tongue twisters come with an audio recording to help you lessen your accented English.
There are five passages, including, “Victor believes Vivian is the most vivacious and wonderful woman in the world. Bill wishes Victor’s views were valid…”

Creativity for the Teacher


Creative Teaching Site created by Robin Morgan, a 40-year education veteran (grades 4 -college) who is currently a classroom teacher and technology coordinator. He offers free and specific inspirational wallpapers for teachers, short articles/ideas on “Teaching Style” and “Creative Teaching.”
His philosophy is: if you’re not having fun, you’re not being the best teacher you can be.


Creativity Tools for Teachers. This site offers not only handicraft projects and writing prompts for creative writing but also inspiring articles to help the person inside your “teacher” become more expressive and creative.
Some printables and downloadables. There are also Interviews, blogs and a free newsletter you can sign up for.

Compiled by Erin Bouma