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Erin Bouma's Recommended


For the new school year, here’s an interesting, new, and usable group of websites for teachers.



Lions to go – word play. Interactive vocabulary animation. Of 25 words (spin, float, flip, stack, melt, etc) you click on a word and watch it play.


“Martha Speaks” A new vocabulary website for young learners from American PBS, featuring Martha, a dog.

Includes games, video, and print outs using words in context, and giving meanings. Emphasis on oral (hearing and speaking) skills.



“Hang mouse” (a playful cat and mouse variant of hangman) vocabulary fun. Select from 219 topics- some are easier than others. Also wordsearch and crossword puzzles at the site.


Free spelling tool with online spelling games, spelling reviews, and quizzes. Register for free service, make home page and begin saving your lists. Includes sample spelling lists, FAQ.


The Internet Public Library resource. This is “kidspace”. Includes: reference, our world, computers, health, reading, math & science, art & music, sports and fun stuff.

There is also a “teenspace”


PBS Teen site- “It’s My Life” is organized across six topic “channels”: Friends, Family, School, Body, Emotions, and Money. It offers advice, games, opinions, video interviews for kids aged 9-12. The site is filled with young people’s comments, ideas, and questions from all over the world. It’s purpose is to create safe, engaging, and educational online media for kids.


ESOL citizenship materials on life in the UK for citizenship or settlement. Includes: England, Scotland, North Ireland and Wales “packs.” (PDF files to print out) on history, diversity, holidays, body language, working in the U.K., health, education, housing, the law, etc. Has Teacher’s notes and Learner activities.



Make your own simple “movie” with Dvolver Moviemaker.
As a director, you select a background, cast, music and write your own dialogue (which will appear in the speech bubbles). Title it and it is ready to play or mail.


U.K. Teacher-created video and audio clips by categories. Most are under one-minute – some up to 10.
Many show everyday life in Britain, nature and animals, also series on Viking and Celtic culture. Free downloadable video clips for presentations and projects. All the content is verified and checked before it is put on the site. Some have no (or natural) sound, so students could prepare a text to accompany the short film.


These teacher-made videos vary in quality and subject-matter. Some are actual classroom presentations, in fact.
Many on science and math topics but also “Nouns and Verbs”, “Lady Liberty”, “Born to be Wild” (U.S. 1969–2012), Wax Museum “Elvis Presley”, 2 “Power Teaching lessons (Kindergarten Phonetics and 5th Grade Critical Thinking).” I especially liked the “Cloud Rap”. Most are under 5 minutes in length.


A large variety of video clips of practical advice (some comic/some more adult) by general topic.
Some that I viewed and liked were: “How to Tie a Tie”, “How to eat Sushi”, “How to Relax before going to Bed”, “How to go to Bed”, “Dance Moves-Emergency Guide for Men”, “How Can I Look More Confident?”, “How to Stop Being Lazy”, “How to Kill a Vampire”, “A Men’s Guide to Looking Good on the Beach”, Language & Education Related: “Macbeth in 96 Seconds”, “Mind map with Tony Bucan”, and memorizing Vocabulary and Language.”
Short, professional clips with Text Version.

Compiled by Erin Bouma