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Idiom Quizz: Relationships & Love

Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
1. She was (very much in love with) the junior accountant in her office.
(a) interested in; (b) double dating; (c) head over heels in love with; (d) stealing the heart of
2. The young man seemed to be a wonderful person and before long he had (made the young woman fall in love with him.)
(a) become hung up on the young woman; (b) dumped the young woman; (c) found the young woman Mr. Right; (d) stolen the young woman’s heart
3. The boy (had strong feelings of love for) the girl in junior high school.
(a) hit it off with; (b) had a crush on; (c) was attracted to; (d) dated
4. After dating for three years they finally decided to (get married).
(a) tie the knot; (b) be good together; (c) kiss and make up; (d) get back together
5. They were very happy at first but after several years their marriage appeared to be (experiencing problems).
(a) getting serious; (b) on the rocks; (c) a match made in heaven; (d) puppy love
6. They planned to (get married) in the summer and buy a house together.
(a) pop the question; (b) kiss and make up; (c) hit it off; (d) walk down the aisle together
7. The woman went (on a date where she didn’t know the other person) but it wasn’t very successful.
(a) on a double date; (b) on a blind date; (c) out with someone; (d) dutch
8. Although they had some problems in their relationship they worked very hard to (repair it).
(a) split up; (b) get serious; (c) patch it up; (d) get back together
9. The couple always appeared to be (an ideal couple).
(a) the perfect couple; (b) the one and only; (c) good together; (d) making eyes at each other
10. The young couple both believed that they had finally found (a genuine feeling of romantic love) with each other.
(a) unrequited love; (b) first love; (c) love at first sight; (d) true love
11. The couple had been having many problems so they decided to (end their relationship).
(a) set a date; (b) break up; (c) get hitched; (d) make up
12. The two students have been (dating each other regularly) for six months.
(a) saying “I do”; (b) dumping each other; (c) seeing each other; (d) interested in each other
13. After seven years of dating they decided to (get married and establish a regular routine).
(a) settle down and marry; (b) go steady; (c) give each other a second chance; (d) say those three little words
14. The young man was finally brave enough to (invite the young woman for a date).
(a) fall for the young woman; (b) walk out on the young woman; (c) go out with the young woman; (d) ask the young woman out

Key: 1. c; 2. d; 3. b; 4. a; 5. b; 6. d; 7. b; 8. c; 9. a; 10. d; 11. b; 12. c; 13. a; 14. d.