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Post Factum

Russia Revealed

Mentorn TV is making a series of five films called “Russia Revealed”, to be shown by the BBC in their popular “BBC World” TV series in May 2008. The British TV Company includes Jonathan Dimbleby, presenter; David Wallace, director; Peter Harvey, cameraman; Ned Laycock, sound recordist; Teresa Cherfas, series producer. The British visitors have started in Ekaterinburg, then moved on to Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Altai. The TV reporters interview representatives of many professions and different social positions.

In Academgorodok, the Siberain Branch of the Russian ;Academy of Science, for instance, they met with various scientists, as well as with students. They were particularly interested in their views on the teaching of history, in connection with President Vladimir Putin’s recent announcement that “history should be taught in a positive way”. Siberian students declared that such an attitude is natural, since Russia is the country which had won the Second World War and managed to re-build the country afterwards. Both youngsters and adults gave the same answers to the questions about the future of the country. Russia had to overcome many problems and many difficulties in the course of its history. It will overcome all its current problems, too. Russia has always declared that world peace is the most important thing today and in the future.

All the questions that the British presenter Jonathan Dimbleby asked were answered in the same positive vein.

What are the young people in Siberia going to do after they finish their education? Answer, work in scientific research institutes.

Are they afraid of the USA? Answer, no, they are not. They are ready to cooperate with this powerful state, as well as with any other peaceful country.

Was the Soviet regime horrible? Answer, no, it was and is a part of the Russian history.

Jonathan Dimbleby (center) and his team with the Russian students.

By Nina Koptyug,