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Pet Couplets


I dream of a pet
To make him my friend.
I’ll tease him and teach
On the beautiful beach.


Our cow’s milk is tasty,
Mummy uses it for pastry.
Brother Tom prefers warm milk
It’s for him a useful drink.


Our calf is black and white
It can ruminate all night
It likes apples, cherries, pears,
But at flowers it often stares.

It is fond of grass and leaves.
When it eats, it can’t say: “please”,
But I understand it clear
And I put some more food near.


Rabbits can be white or grey.
They chew carrots every day,
And I like my rabbits very much,
Just to watch them and to touch.


I asked my dad to buy a pet
Let it be one that nobody’s met
At last I’ve got a goldfish.
O, if it could fulfill my wish!


My parrot always sings so sweet.
I keep its cage just very neat.
And it repeats my words so funny.
We wonder then with brother Bunny


The cock seems to be very proud
And sings it’s “Ki-ke-ri-ki” so loud!
Its tail is bright, its comb is red
It picks up grain and even bread.


I’ve got five mice,
Not quiet, but nice.
They like ice-cream
And hide in a beam.


My kitten is small,
And likes to play with the ball.
We run and fall,
But not in the hall.

My kitten licks a cup of milk,
It is for him a tasty drink,
But when he wishes Whiskas, too
It’s given him by Sister Sue.


That is my cat.
It’s big and fat.
It has no habit
To catch a rabbit.

It scratches the mat,
Much afraid of a bat,
It likes to play with the hat,
If there lies a rat.


Turkey’s my beloved pet.
It’s beak is purple, often wet.
Mum gives it turnip, tasty, pure,
But urban streets can hurt him, sure.


My geese are so clean and white.
I don’t tease them, or they’ll bite.
I give them coin and pure water
Ma tells me: “You are brick, my daughter!”


My dog sits alone,
Just like a king on the throne.
It eats any bone:
Soft or hard as a stone.

I’ve got a dog.
It sits on the log,
It’s afraid of the bog,
When there is fog.

By Lidiya Khusainova,
Kopeysk, Chelyabinsk Reg.