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Moscow Primary School Olympiad 2006

The fourth Moscow Primary School Olympiad was held in December 2006. It was organized by the Moscow Institute of Open Education (МИОО) and Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

It has become a good tradition to bring kids together to Moscow School No. 1240 and to have a … no, not a competition, but a HOLIDAY. One could probably have thought it was a serious competition looking at the nervous parents crowding in the schoolyard and the school lobby. As for the participants, it was not just a chance to show their knowledge of English and to compete with kids from other schools, but also an opportunity to meet new friends, to communicate with each other, and, of course, to learn new things.


Classrooms were filled with a friendly atmosphere. Students were very enthusiastic about the tasks they got, showing rapt attention, concentration and diligence. The teachers were supportive, considerate towards the thoughtful, hard- working students. They clarified the instructions and were ready to help.

The well-trained and disciplined students were very effective. Although some tasks were rather difficult, these nine-year-olds seemed self-reliant and most of them finished the tasks in good time.
It is well known that behind the seems of such well-organized events, there is much devoted effort and backbreathing work by the people who organize and conduct it.

Imagine, there were about 250 young learners who were to be organised in several groups, each group had to be at a particular classroom at a particular time to complete a particular task and then to be moved to the next room for the next task.

The team of organizers did the job well: every child felt attention and care, everything went smoothly. And even at the end of the hard day they looked happy and were smiling.

See samples of the tasks.