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continued from No. 1/2007

Daily Life

Texts for Oral Practice in the 3rd–4th Forms

Part III. After Classes

I never go home alone. Usually my Granny takes me home. We are never in a hurry. When the weather is fine we walk home and I tell her about my school day, my marks and my friends. Granny is never cross with me. She is very kind and I love her dearly. Sometimes we go to McDonald’s together and treat ourselves to an apple pie, French fries, ice-cream or cola. Mum doesn’t like our visits. She says that food at McDonald’s isn’t healthy. We know it. But we like it all the same.

alone один, самостоятельно
to be in a hurry спешить
the weather погода
to treat to smth. баловать себя, угощаться
an apple pie яблочный пирожок
French fries картошка “фри”
visit визит, посещение
all the same всё равно

Answer the questions:

1. Do you go home from school alone?
2. Do you go home with your friends?
3. Who takes you home from school?
4. Do you walk home when the weather is fine?
5. How do you usually get home?
6. What do you do on your way home?
7. Do you visit McDonald’s on your way home?
8. What do you usually eat there?
9. Does your best friend like McDonald’s?
10. Is food at McDonald’s healthy?

Part IV. At Home

When we come home, we have dinner. After dinner I feel full so I need to relax. I play with my toys or my stickers, or model in clay or plasticine. Sometimes I draw, listen to music or get ready for my music school (arts, sports school). You know, I like to play the piano (the violin, the flute, the guitar), but I’m bored practising my scales. My music teacher says that if I want to play well, I must practise every day. I want to play well, but I don’t want to do it every day. Now I can play short pieces by Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, and Bach. My Granny and Granddad are happy when I play.

to feel full быть сытым
to need нуждаться
a sticker наклейка
model in clay or plasticine лепить из глины, пластилина
to get ready готовиться
music school музыкальная школа
arts school художественная школа
sports school спортивная школа
to play the piano играть на пианино
the violin скрипка
the flute флейта
the guitar гитара
to be bored что-то надоедает делать
to practise my scales разучивать гаммы
must должен
to practise повторять много раз
a piece пьеса
Tchaikovsky Чайковский
Beethoven Бетховен
Bach Бах

Answr the questions:

1. When do you come home?
2. Do you have dinner when you come home?
3. Who lays the table? (накрывать на стол)
4. Do you help to lay the table?
5. Do you feel full after dinner?
6. Who washes up after dinner? (мыть посуду)
7. Do you sometimes wash up?
8. Do you need to relax after dinner? (отдыхать)
9. What do you do when you have rest after dinner?
10. Can you draw?
11. What do you like to draw?
12. Have you ever heard the names of these (этих) famous (известный) painters: Vasnetsov, Repin, or Shishkin?
13. Can you model in clay or plasticine?
14. Do you like to listen to music?
15. What music do you like: popular children’s cartoon songs (популярные детские песенки из мультфильмов), classic (классическая) or rock (рок) music?
16. Do you go to any other school – music, arts, sports?
17. Can you play a musical instrument? (музыкальный инструмент)
18. Do you like to play it? to practice it?
19. How often do you play your musical instrument?
20. Have you ever heard the names of these famous composers: Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Bach?

By Yelena Zubets

to be continued