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Winter is Fun!

Winter is such a frosty season! The days are the shortest and the nights are the longest and the darkest in the year . But a lot of people like winter because it’s wonderful in the country. And in the middle of winter all people celebrate a merry New Year and Christmas. The kids decorate their fir-trees with bright trimmings, which they have bought in the shops or have made with their own hands. People see in the New Year at home or at their friends’.

Winter is fun for schoolchildren. They all have merry holidays – a good break in the school year. During the holidays children enjoy big and exciting New Year parties in different clubs, sport complexes and stadiums. There are funny clowns from the circus and the children laugh gaily. Children can go to the theatre, to the cinema or to the circus. They enjoy interesting plays, exciting films, magic cartoons, colourful circus shows and what not.

If the weather is fine and not too cold and frosty, boys and girls have a good chance to skate at the skating rink. And almost all the children are fond of skating and playing hockey in the fresh air. How nice it is to spend a week out of a noisy town! We don’t want to miss a chance to ski in the wood. Of course, it’s wonderful there. The snowy forest looks like an imaginary palace of the Snow Queen. If we keep our eyes open, we can see a lot of wonders around us. We can see squirrels with bushy tails and quick hares . We can see different birds flying from branch to branch. At the edge of the forest little children are busy making snow-men and sledging down the hills.

As you see, children find a lot of things to enjoy in winter. And if we are busy with interesting occupations, winter holidays pass so quickly!

The first letter of each of the answers combine to spell the word “winter”.

1. The colour of snow is w________.
2. Water that has frozen into a solid state is i_______.
3. Santa Claus lives in the N________ Pole.
4. A bird cooked for Christmas dinner is t_______.
5. The 31st of December is New Year’s E______.
6. Santa Claus’s sledge is pulled by r________.

Key: white, ice, North, turkey, Eve, reindeer.

By Tatyana Makhrina