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Past or Present?

(“English – III” by Vereshchagina)

Write the Past or the Present forms of the verbs:

1. When I ________(get) up this morning, I ________(see) a lovely present near the Christmas tree.

2. All children ________(like) to play with toys.

3. What ________(be) your favourite time of the year? – I ________ (think), it ________(be) summer.

4. How many animals _______ you _______(see) when you were at the Zoo?

5. Five days ago I ________(put) a little seed into the ground and today there is a little flower here.

6. – ________(can) you skate? – I ________(can) skate very well when I was a child, but I have no skates now.

7. – ______(be) your mother a doctor or a housewife? – She ______(be) a doctor three years ago, but now she ______(not/work).

8. Fred ________(go) to the park yesterday.

9. Every day Ann ________(go) for a walk with her dog, ________(play) with it and ________(give) it meat and milk.

10. I ________(not/do) my homework yesterday, because it ________(be) Sunday.

11. My brother ________(come) home late yesterday, because he ________(help) his friend to draw a picture.

12. When I ________(see) my friend in Christmas clothes I started laughing.

13. Now Mike ________(sing) very well, but some months ago he ________(not/can).

14. Every day Al ________(do) his morning exercises, because he________(want) to be strong.

15. Sarah is a very kind girl: she always ________(give) sweets and other tasty things to her friends.

16. If you ________(swim) in the river, be careful – there are many sharp stones in it.

17. When Mary ______(give) me her pen, I ______(say): “Thank you” to her.

18. Pete often ________(go) to school by bus, but today the weather ________(be) fine, so he ________(want) to walk there.

19. Sue ________(have) got many pets at home and she ________(know) how to take care of them.

20. – ________ you ________(have) porridge for breakfast yesterday? – No, I ________(not/like) porridge.

21. Last winter I ________(skate) and ________(ski) a lot.

22. Lucy ________(eat) potatoes and meatballs for dinner yesterday, but she ________(not/eat) tomatoes, because she never ________(eat) tomatoes for dinner.

23. – ________ you ________(drink) apple juice yesterday? – No, I ________(drink) orange juice.

24. Some people ________(know) very many interesting things, but I think that when they were little, they ________(know) not so much.

25. Sam ________(like) to swim and dance.

26. Polly ________(can) skate when she was six.

27. Mary and Mike ________(play) chess now.

28. Lucy ________(be) a nice girl. She ________(have) only good marks at school.

29. Bob ________(do) his homework yesterday and today he can play with his friends.

30. Why ________(be) Kate happy? Her parents ________(give) her nice presents for her birthday.

31. At the moment I’m busy: I ________(write) an exercise. I ________(can/not) do it yesterday.

32. Last Monday I ________(come) home, ________(have) dinner and ________(do) my lessons. Then I ________(go) for a walk.

By Tatyana Markovich