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Checking Grammar

1. Put the correct verb form.

1. Jane ________(not/drink) tea very often.

2. What time ________(the banks/close) in Britain?

3. Hurry up. Everybody ________(wait) for you.

4. Julia is very good at languages. She ________(speak) four languages very well.

5. How is your English? It ________(get) better slowly.

6. The sun ________(rise) in the east.

7. Look at the river! It ________(run) very quickly today – much quicker than usual.

8. Ron is in London at the moment. He _______(stay) at the Park Hotel. He ______(always/stay) at this hotel when he’s in London.

9. Bees ________(make) honey.

10. ________(you/listen) to the radio every day?

11. A vegetarian ________(not/eat) meat.

12. We usually ________(grow) vegetables in our garden, but this year we ________(not/grow) any.

13. “Can you drive?” “I ______(learn). My father ______(teach) me.

14. Listen! ________(Can/hear) something?

15. My father is an engineer, but he _____(not/work) at the moment.

2. A friend has just come back from holiday. You ask him about it. Write your questions.

1. (where/go)
2. (go/alone)
3. (food/good)
4. (how long/stay there)
5. (stay at a hotel)
6. (how/travel)
7. (the weather/fine)
8. (what/do in the evenings)
9. (meet anybody interesting)

3. Complete the sentences. Put the verb into the correct form, positive or negative.

1. It was warm, so I ________ off my coat. (take)

2. The film wasn’t very good. I ________ it very much. (enjoy)

3. I knew Sarah was very busy, so I ________ her. (phone)

4. I was very tired, so I ________ to bed early. (go)

5. The bed was very uncomfortable. I ________ very well. (sleep)

6. Sue wasn’t hungry, so she ________ anything. (eat)

7. We went to Kate’s house, but she ________ at home. (be)

8. It was a funny situation, but nobody ________ (laugh)

9. The window was open and a bird ________ into the room. (fly)

10. The hotel wasn’t very expensive. It ________ very much. (cost)

11. I was in a hurry, so I ________ time to phone you. (have)

12. It was hard work carrying the bags. They ______ very heavy. (be)

4. Put one of these verbs in each sentence:






1. Mozart ________ more than 600 pieces of music.

2. – How did you learn to drive? – My father ________ me.

3. I was very thirsty. I ________ the water very quickly.

4. Ann ________ a lot of money yesterday. She ________ a dress which was very expensive.

By Tatyana Markovich