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Classroom Activities

Дополнительные упражнения

для контроля понимания пройденного материала
(уч. Английский язык, 5 кл., В.П. Кузовлев, Н.М. Лапа и др.)

Grammar in Focus: Possessive Case, Simple Present, General Questions

Тексты для аудирования

1. Listen to the texts and answer the questions.


Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II was born in April 1926 in London. Her favourite place is Windsor Castle. Her favourite food is fish, high tea, cucumber sandwiches and cake. She likes riding, driving and outdoors life. She doesn’t like coffee and long sea voyages. She never criticises her children.


1. When and where was she born?
2. What is her favourite place?
3. What is her favourite food?
4. What are her hobbies?
5. She never criticises her children, does she?


Our neighbours are the Segals. They are five. Mr and Mrs Segal and their three children. John is 18. He is a university student. He studies at the University of London.

He does many subjects at the university. His favourite subject is Biology.

He likes visiting Art museums in his spare time. He comes home on holidays. Mary and Mabel are schoolchildren. Mary is 12. Mabel is 14. Mary enjoys reading comics. Mabel enjoys reading detective stories. The Segals love picnics.


1.How many sons have the Segals got?
2. How many daughters have the Segals got?
3.Where is John’s University?
4.What is John’s favourite subject?
5. How does John spend his spare time?
6. Where does he spend his holidays?
7. Does Mary or Mabel enjoy reading comics?


2. Listen t the story and complete the table


My family is great. We all are mad about different things. My Dad is mad about computers. He invents new generations of computers. My Mum is mad about exotic flowers. She spends a lot of time growing them in our little garden. My brother Tom is mad about Maths and motorbikes. I am mad about collecting stamps. I ask my pen friends to send me them. I already have some rare stamps. My sister Kathy is mad about her parrot. She teaches him to talk. And now he can say: “I like picnics”. How do you like it?

3. Write who they belong to and complete the sentences/

Example: Show me (timetable, Kathy). Show me Kathy’s timetable.

1. Where is (album, Richard).
2. Is (Tom, school) far from his house?
3. Do you know (Bill, new teacher)?
4. What are (names, their children)?
5. Is (your mother, car) new?
6. (parrot, Kathy) is smart and funny.
7. (birthday, my Mum) is on the 8th of July.
8. (house, my grandparents) is in the country.
9. (book, Pete) is exciting.
10. (questions, children) are often difficult.


4. Make the questions complete. Fill in do/does/is/are/have (got).

1. What subjects you do at school?
2. you a lot of friends?
3. What your best friend’s name?
4. you go to school on Sundays?
5. your friend go to school on Saturdays?
6. When your school start?
7. What a good day at school for you?
8. What you mad about?
9. What TV programmes you like watching?
10. repair your bike yourself?
11. How often you go to a sport club?


5. Answer personal questions. 

1. Where were you born?
2. When is your birthday?
3. Where do you live?
4. Where would you rather live?
5. What presents do you like getting on your birthday?
6. What is your favourite holiday?
7. What is a special place for you?


6. These are the answers. What are the questions? 

1. I have got ten subjects on my timetable.
2. No, my school is not far from my house.
3.Yes, we cross the street near our school alone.
4. No, the lollipop woman doesn’t help children cross the street.
5. Yes, all days at school are good for me.
6. My favourite subjects are Geography and Maths.
7. Our teachers are kind and friendly.
8. Yes, we have different clubs at school.
9. I am in a stamp club.
10. No, I don’ t take packed lunch.


7. Nelly doesn’t make friends with English grammar. That’s what she writes to her pen friend. Correct her letter and don’t forget about prepositions.

Dear Mary!

Nice meet you! I lives in Moscow. I go to school. It doesn’t far from my house. I’m in the five form. We do many subject at school. We has 5 or 6 classes every day. After third lesson we go at the school dining-room. My favourite subjects is Music and History. We has many clubs at school..My friend Ann and I am in a Sport Club. We goes in the club at Mondays and Thursdays. And what about you. Write me about you school life.



8. These short texts are incomplete.   Choose A, B, C or D to complete the texts.

1. I’m Albert. I have got a large family. I get _________________ from my family on my birthday.

A. home by car
B. a lot of postcards and presents
C. newspapers and magazines
D. good marks at school

2. I live in Cardiff. We are four in the family. There’s mum, dad and my brother.

_____________________ We live in a house near a lake.

A. My sister goes to school.
B. Cardiff is in Wales.
C. We are friends.
D. I am good at sports.

3. Harry Smith is my relative. He is a detective. His work is dangerous. _______________________

He has lots of friends.
A. Do you know him
B. He helps many people
C. He travels a lot. A
D. He is my uncle.

4. Tuesday is not a good day at school.

___________ They are not her favourite subjects.

A. Ann doesn’t take her packed lunch.
B. Ann doesn’t do Geography.
C. Ann has Maths and French on her timetable.
D. Her best friend Sara isn’t at school.

By Youdif Boyarskaya,
Moscow, school No. 814