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Classroom Activities

Дополнительные упражнения

для контроля понимания пройденного материала по теме “Places and Faces” (уч. Английский язык, 5 кл., В.П. Кузовлев, Н.М. Лапа и др.)

Лексика активная

a letter now a dictionary         a hospital
a river to spell a station a street
amazing an attraction attractive bagpipes
classic to classify a daffodil a gallery

a game historic a lake a land
a landscape a maze a palace romantic
a valley an apple a car charming
a city a concert hall a garden to go

large a market (stalls) new a park
popular rare round to see
to spend a square these to visit
autumn a ball boating a bottle
bright children cocoa cold
a day a flower foggy frosty
green to grow a grown-up loud
home hot to make often

a picture a pond a road a season
snow spring summer a toast
water when white winter
yellow zero about a comic book
a cookery book for horror a monster
a school short spooky a story
work a world a bicycle big
brilliant cycling a film fine
fishing a gift hiking little
a motorbike a mystery poetry a prize
a rhyme a slide a sticker to take pictures
a ticket a tricycle a trip very

video to win friendly Thanksgiving
healthy to help to keep to keep fit

less more neat neatly
plus to retell a sea to swim
to teach a teacher a telephone to tell
a test a text a textbook trendy
well to write to be afraid of a bubble gum
a candle a costume a cucumber to cut
fruit fun a ghost Halloween
huge juice to jump to light
music near a nut a plum
to pull down a pumpkin to put to put on
a recipe to run sugar to take
to wear a witch to admire to ask for
a bonfire to buy dear everywhere
fear fire a firework a guy
a hat to hear here to go on a picnic
money to set off there to use

will a year a birthday bring (brought)
a church a circle a circus a fur coat

German happy a mermaid perfect
perfume a pie a present purple
to return a skirt their to want
an uncle a verse parents eleven-twenty

Happy birthday to you!
It’s just what I wanted.
Many happy returns!


Тексты для аудирования

I. Прослушай текст о мистере Вильямсе и постарайся понять, где он живет, и что он любит.

Mr. Williams 

Mr. Williams is from Scotland. Scotland is a land of attractive landscapes with dales. Mr. Williams likes hiking and cycling. He likes reading historical books in his spare time. They are not boring. Mr. Williams often visits London. He walks round Trafalgar Square, visits the Tate Gallery. It has got a lot of amazing pictures. Mr. Williams enjoys visiting the Tate Gallery.

1. a) Mr. Williams is from Ireland.
b) Mr. Williams is from Scotland.

2. a) Scotland is a land of attractive landscapes with dales.
b) Scotland is a land of romantic valleys.

3. а) Mr. Williams likes going boating.
b) Mr. Williams likes hiking and cycling.

4. a) He likes reading horror stories in his spare time.
b) He likes reading historical books in his spare time.

5. a) Mr. Williams doesn’t visit London.
b) Mr. Williams often visits London.

6. a) He walks in Covent Garden.
b) He walks round Trafalgar Square.

7. a) Mr. Williams enjoys visiting the Tate Gallery.
b) Mr. Williams enjoys visiting concert halls.


III. Прослушай текст и постарайся понять, что дети делают в этот день.

Guy Fawkes Day

Guy Fawkes Day is on the 5th of November. On Guy Fawkes Day children put on some old costumes and take scarecrows. They walk round the city asking for the usual “Penny for the Guy”. Children buy fireworks and set them off. They admire the fireworks and bonfires! Grown-ups must help children.


IV. Выбери соответствующее тексту предложение.

 1. a) Guy Fawkes Day is on the 5th of November.
b) Guy Fawkes Day is on the 5th of December.

2. a) Children put on spooky costumes.
b) Children put on some old costumes.

3. a) They walk round the city asking for the usual “Penny for the Guy”.
b) They walk from house to house and ask “Treat or trick”.

4. a) Children admire fireworks and bonfires.
b) Children are afraid of fireworks and bonfires.



I. Прослушай текст и ответь на вопросы

Washington DC and New York

Washington DC is the capital of the USA. There are a lot of attractive places for tourists. The streets of Washington DC have got the names of letters. The letter ‘J’ is left out. No one knows why.

New York is the largest city of the USA. It is famous for its skyscrapers. New York has got a nickname – the Big Apple. New York has got a large park. You can see rare animals in the zoo in this park.

1. What city is the capital of the USA?
2. What names have the streets of Washington DC got? Which letters are left out? Why?
3. What is the largest city of the USA?
4. What is New York famous for?
5. What nickname has New York got?
6. Can you see rare animals in New York? Where?


II. Прослушай текст и ответь на вопросы.

Thomas Edison invented the electric light. Without electric light people couldn’t read at night. Now people have the electric light and they don’t need to use candles. Alexander Popov invented the radio in 1895. The radio helped people to know news. Levi Strauss invented special trousers of strong material – the jeans.

1. What did Thomas Edison invent?
2. Who invented the radio? When?
3. What is Levi Strauss famous for?



 Will you go to the Tate Gallery?
Yes, I will. I think it’s interesting.

Is it a book with short stories?
No, it isn’t. It is a historical book.
Yes. About history and heroes.

What are your favourite books?
They are about monsters and other horrors.
I hate horror books!

Will you buy a Disney film?
Yes, I will. I’ll buy “The Lion King”.
It’s cool.

Will Nick go on a picnic?
No, he won’t. He is sick.

I’d like to invite you to dine.
What time?
At five.

Is Mr Green friendly?
Yes. He teaches me to speak and read Chinese.

Is it fun to make a bonfire?
Yes, it’s great.

Will you go fishing?
No, I won’t. I’ll go cycling.

Is it a book about sport?
No, I hate reading about sport.
Books about sports are boring.
I ‘m not sure.


I. Составь предложения.


II. Прочитай начало предложения в разделе А и найди конец предложения в разделе В.


1. The Tate Gallery …..
2. The Backs at the river Cam …..
3. The classic palace of Henry VIII and The Maze ….
4. Hampton Court ….
5. The Maze ….



1. …. are in Cambridge.
2. …. is in London. It has got a lot of amazing pictures.
3. …. is in the south-west of London.
4. …. is in Hampton Court.
5. …. is an amazing place for games.


III. Вставь пропущенные глаголы и прочитай что рекламируют на этой странице журнала. (make, buy, enjoy, visit, stick down, win, read, fly, watch)

1. ......... slides with fine Konica film
2. ......... tickets to family trips to historic places
3. ......... fine gifts
4. ......... hiking and fishing in a little fishing village
5. ......... to Cyprus
6. ......... rhymes in wonderful poetry books
7. ......... brilliant gifts
8. ......... mystery films
9. ......... stickers and
10. ......... fine prizes
11. ......... ten-cent stores


IV. Eсли вставить по вертикали правильный перевод указанных ниже слов на английский, то по горизонтали получится слово, значение которого вы должны знать.

1. Нарцисс
2. Приглашать
3. Цирк
4. Путешествие
5. Изобретать
6. Часто
7. Аккуратный
8. Замечательный
9. Жареный
10. Год

By Youdif Boyarskaya,
Moscow, School No. 814